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Murdered pensioner's family reveal impact of the attack

The family of murdered pensioner Mohammed Saleem have submitted a victim impact statement to the court sentencing his killer.

Lawyers have finished outlining the evidence in the case and legal discussions are now underway.

Lapshyn 'was planning further attacks on Muslims'

Prosecutors have begun outlining the case against racist murderer Pavlo Lapshyn as the court prepares to sentence him for killing pensioner Mohammed Saleem and setting off bombs near mosques in the Midlands.

Peter Wright QC told the Old Bailey that dozens of video files and pictures containing neo-Nazi material were found on Lapshyn's work computer.

Police also found evidence he was planning further explosions aimed at Muslims, he said.


Mosque bomber and murderer arrives at Old Bailey

Sentencing of murderer who plotted to bomb mosques

A man is due to be sentenced today after admitting murdering a grandfather from Birmingham and planting bombs near mosques in the West Midlands to increase racial conflict.

Pavlo Lapshyn, aged 25, killed Mohammed Saleem, 82, just five days after he arrived to work in the country.

Pavlo Lapshyn admitted to killing Mohammed Saleem and carrying out attacks on mosques Credit: West Midlands Police

He also planted bombs near mosques in Walsall, Wolverhampton and Tipton.

The Tipton device contained hundreds of nails and exploded just an hour before Ramadan prayers.

Mohammed Saleem Chaudhry, aged 75, who was murdered in April Credit: PA

He stabbed Mr Saleem in the back just yards from his home on April 29.

He had been making his way home from prayers at his local mosque.


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Lecturer: Pavlo Lapsyhn 'a clever and shy guy'

A Ukrainian lecturer told ITV News Pavlo Lapsyhn, who pleaded guilty to the murder of a Muslim pensioner, was described as a "clever and shy" person and it was a surprise when he was charged with his crimes.

I asked Hugh Humphreys (Executive Deputy Chairman of Delcam where Pavlo Lapshyn was on a work placement) to describe Pavel and his behaviour and he replied that Pavel was quiet and a calm young man with poor English, not a very sociable guy.

Which is not suprising – if one doesn't speak the language well, one can't talk too much. He described him as a clever and a shy guy. This is how it looked.

It was a huge turn-up to everyone that he could be charged with the crime, as he lived so quietly there.

– Victor Laskin from National metallurgical Academy of Ukraine
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Pavlo Lapshyn's 'grandmother was a Muslim'

The father of Pavlo Lapshyn, who killed a Muslim pensioner and planted three bombs near mosques, told ITV News his grandmother was a Muslim.

Pavlo Lapshyn's grandmother was a Muslim. Credit: ITV News

Sergey Lapshyn added that the news was a "disaster" to his family: "What is there to say? We've got a disaster in our family. We just hope not everything is attributed to him, at least not the murder. I just can't believe he could murder."

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