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Five easy tips to save money as a family

The Abell family find out tomorrow if they have been crowned Britain's most money savvy family in a national competition.

Here Julie Abell shares some of her family money saving tips:

  • Don't throw things away before thinking about how you might use them again. An example of this is using bananas for banana bread when they have turned black.
  • Use water butts to collect water to use during the summer for washing the car or watering your fruit and vegetables. A dustbin will suffice.
  • Shop around. Order your 'big shop' online then buy your fruit and vegetables from local markets towards the end of the day when the food is being sold cheaper.
  • Think long term. The Abell family bought a trailer for £100 to avoid paying for delivery of building materials, and avoid paying for collections of garden waste.
  • Treat your family as a joint consumer. Some companies offer discounts for multiple mobile phone contracts or insurance policies.