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Detention centre riot

Morton Hall immigration removal centre Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Illegal immigrants have injured five officers during a riot at a detention centre in Lincolnshire, according to border officials.

Up to 40 detainees were involved in the incident at Morton Hall immigration removal centre in Swinderby, Lincolnshire, which saw one detainee taken to hospital and led to 12 others being transferred to other centres.

Staff were injured on December 30, the UK Border Agency said, while up to 50 detainees were also involved in a protest on Christmas Day, in which no-one was injured.

Both incidents, at the former women's prison. were brought under control within an hour.

Morton Hall was opened as an immigration removal centre in 2011. It holds up to 392 foreign national offenders, failed asylum seekers and illegal immigrants.

In September last year, 18 asylum seekers went on hunger strike at Morton Hall because they did not want to be sent back to Afghanistan.


Protester comes down from roof

Morton Hall near Lincoln Credit: ITV News

A man who had scaled the roof of an Immigration Detention Centre in Lincolnshire has now come down.

The man from Malaysia, who was previously thought to be of Chinese origin is said to be OK and has been placed in a separate unit at Morton Hall for staff to talk to him. Ambulance crews have now left the site which officials say is returning to normal.

Rooftop protester is a Chinese national

The man on the roof of an immigration centre in Lincolnshire is a Chinese national. Staff at Morton Hall near Lincoln said he took to the top of the 30 foot high building at 1130 BST.

Trained staff are on the roof trying to negotiate with the man who is not said to be making demands. Emergency services were on scene, although several fire engines have now left.

Lincolnshire police were called to a similar incident yesterday when a different detainee also got onto the roof but that was quickly resolved.

Immigration centre detainee scales roof

The UK Border Agency has confirmed the demonstrator on the roof of the Morton Hall centre in Swinderby near Lincoln is a detainee of the immigration centre.

"There is currently a peaceful protest ongoing at Morton Hall in which one detainee has scaled the roof.

"We are working with the Prison Service to resolve the situation."

– UK Border Agency spokesperson

Man on roof of Lincolnshire immigration centre

A security alert has been sparked at an immigration centre near Lincoln after a man was seen climbing to the roof.

Lincolnshire Police say he was spotted on the roof of Morton Hall in Swinderby. There are reports the man may be holding a protest. The centre holds adult men who are subject to deportation and who require secure conditions.

More to follow.