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'White van man' not a pet hate in West Midlands

Motorists in the West Midlands moan more about other drivers than so-called pet hates such as the 'white van man' according to a survey.

It was revealed that 45% of motorists nationwide found car drivers the most annoying according to a nationwide AA poll of 20,000 people.

The 'white van man' made 18% of motorists angry while 13% were most angered by cyclists.

AA president Edmund King said:

"We really must get past this dangerous 'them and us' mentality that sours interactions between different groups (and even sub-groups) of road users.

"A tribal mentality on the roads just fosters road-rage which is not good for your blood pressure or road safety. Drivers need to remember that other road users are also human beings with equal rights to share the roads."

– AA president Edmund King