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Murder inquiry launched into death of Phillip Floyd

Police at the scene in Moseley back in January earlier this year Credit: ITV News Central

West Midlands Police have launched a murder inquiry into the mysterious road death of Philip Floyd, nearly three months after he was found collapsed in a street in Moseley.

The 50-year-old died in hospital after he was found with serious facial injuries on Forest Road on January 28th.

Police believed he had been the victim of a hit-and-run, but a post-mortem examination indicates a severe blow to the head was the cause of death.

Detective Sergeant Neil Aston, from the force CID, said:

"We are now pretty certain that Phillip was not hit by a car but received a blow to the head and was left in the road. We are now treating this as a murder and we are renewing our appeal for information...

... We have previously released CCTV footage showing two cars driving down the street and a man running along Forrest Road. We would still like to appeal for the drivers and the running man to contact us...

...The family of Phillip have been made aware of the new developments in the case and specialist officers continue to assist them."


Man due to be sentenced over West Bromwich murder

Jagdev Singh Rai was yesterday found guilty of murdering his friend Credit: West Midlands Police

A man who murdered his friend and threw his body into a lake in West Bromwich is due to be sentenced today.

Jagdev Singh Rai lured his friend Jasbir Singh Bains to Dartmouth Park, slit his throat and flung his body into the water.

Rai stood to make hundreds of thousands of pounds from the death.

For full background on the case, click here.

Murderer labelled 'a cold-blooded killer' by police

West Midlands Police have called Jagdev Singh Rai, who murdered his friend for an insurance pay-out, a 'cold-blooded killer'.

Detective Inspector Warren Hines said:

It was a difficult and complex investigation, taking us many months to build up the evidence to identify Rai as a suspect, but as a result of old-fashioned detective work, we quickly built a strong case against him.

The evidence we uncovered, although circumstantial, presented a very compelling case, one that the jury agreed was right.

He denied the murder from day one but I’m glad the jury saw through his lies and that this cold-blooded killer is facing a lengthy period of imprisonment.

– Detective Inspector Warren Hines

Man tried to plot 'the perfect murder' of friend

After a man was found guilty today of murdering his friend as part of an insurance con, West Midlands Police have described how he was 'secretly plotting' the 'perfect murder'.

A jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court was told Jagdev Singh Rai stood to make hundreds of thousands of pounds from killing his friend, Jasbir Singh Bains, in November 2012.

Detective Inspector Warren Hines said:

In the last few months of his life, Jasbir had a difficult existence; he had no fixed home, was an alcoholic and had little direction in life.

Through it all, he thought he had a friend in Jamie Rai who, in the few weeks before his death, was very hospitable and let him sleep in a van parked at the back of his house.

But Rai was secretly plotting what he thought would be the perfect murder; he would become a rich man by killing his ‘friend’, out of sight of the public and away from any CCTV cameras.

– Detective Inspector Warren Hines

Murderer stood to make six-figure-sum from killing friend

Jasbir Singh Bains, was murdered by his friend for insurance money Credit: West Midlands Police

Jagdev Singh Rai, who murdered his friend Jasbir Singh Bains in November 2012, stood to make hundreds of thousands of pounds, a jury at Wolverhampton Crown Court was told.

Mr Rai, found guilty today, changed his name to Jasbir Bains, the same as the victim’s, eight years ago and took out a life assurance policy worth almost £319,000 two years later.

He then executed a trust deed which meant his own children would be the beneficiaries of the policy in the event of Jasbir’s death.

The prosecution claimed this was the reason for the murder.

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