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£3.7 million ticket in antique sewing tin

A couple from Burton-on-Trent who scooped £3.7 million on the lottery revealed today that they kept the ticket in an antique sewing box when they discovered they had won.

David Allsobrook, 48, and his wife Debra, 46, waited until a week after the draw to check the ticket and it was not until Mr Allsobrook checked his ticket in a shop he realised he had won.

"What I do is go in and get my Saturday lottery ticket and I give my previous ticket to the woman to check.

"I always have the same banter, 'have I got to go back to work on Monday'.

"The woman wasn't there this week, it was a young boy and he put the ticket in the machine and it made a weird noise, I thought it was broke.

"He said I needed to give them a ring, I thought it would just be a couple of thousand pounds and then to lady on the phone said 'congratulations, you're the jackpot winner’.

"It took two or three times to sink in, I kept thinking 'no, it's not us."

– David Allsobrook


80 year-old 'could not lie about lottery win'

An 80 year-old man from Tipton who scooped a £3.9 million lottery jackpot with his daughter says he could not keep the win secret because he was 'not brought up to tell lies.'

Thomas Foden and his 60-year-old daughter, Irene Harper, claimed £3,909,990 in the UK's first quadruple rollover draw on Saturday (29 September).

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