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Baby turtles go on display next week

Two of the smallest turtles in the world, born in Birmingham, will go on display at the National Sealife Centre, next week.

The two Roti Island turtles were born a week ago, but staff at the centre had no idea that eggs had been laid.

“She must have buried them in the sand in the tank, and the first we knew of it was when we came in one morning and found these two youngsters swimming around,”

– Graham Burrows, National Sealife Centre

The babies are being cared for in a behind-the-scenes nursery for the next few days, eating bloodworm and shrimp before going on display next week.

Baby turtles hatch in Birmingham

One week old: Roti Island Snake Necked Turtle at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham Credit: Sea Life Centre

Two new baby snake turtles that are smaller than a 50 pence piece have been born at the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham.

The species is one of the rarest in the world with a population of about 250.

1 of only 250 Roti Island Snake Necked Turtles in the world has been born in Birmingham Credit: Sea Life Centre