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NYPD: Cause of taxi collision 'under investigation'

A spokesman for New York Police Department has confirmed that a driver who hit a British tourist, seriously injuring her legs, has not been arrested or charged.

The circumstances are still under investigation, whether it was some sort of rage or an accident. It looks like her leg or part of it was severed during the accident.

– Sergeant John Buthorn, nypd

He said two other people - the driver and a cyclist involved in a collision which caused the taxi to veer on to the pavement - were also treated for injuries.


Children on school trip barricaded in New York hotel

Pupils and a teacher from a Leicester school have barricaded themselves inside a hotel in New York after being caught in one of the biggest storms in living memory.

Thirty-eight sixth formers from Leicester High School for Girls are currently taking shelter in their hotel in Times Square.

Hurricane Sandy is expected to hit New York shortly bringing with it gusts of over 85 mph and flooding. Almost 400,000 people have been evacuated from the coast by the US authorities.

The teacher has reassured everyone back in the UK saying that they are safe with plenty of water and food.

The school Media and Marketing assistant said in a statement from Leicester:

"The subway and shops are shut, and food limited, but they are revising, and keeping their spirits up.

"We have been reassured that they are safe, but obviously there is concern, as the hurricane is still to fully impact. Parents are in contact with the girls and the school."

– Anne Whitlock

Midlander caught in 'monstrous super storm' Hurricane Sandy

A charity worker from the Midlands is one of millions of people caught in the storm surge of Hurricane Sandy in New York.

David Darg lived in Herefordshire for 20 years before moving to Virginia Beach. He now works for Operation Blessing, who work to alleviate poverty across the world.

But high winds and power shortages have threatened cities along the East Coast as the superstorm batters its way over 800 miles.

Several places have declared states of emergency and subways, buses and commuter trains, as well as schools, have been shut down. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered people in low-lying areas to evacuate.

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