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Helmer: Priority is sleep, then the General Election

Defeated UKIP candidate, Roger Helmer, says his party will no turn their attentions to their strategy for the 2015 General Election - but first he needs a good nights sleep.

Roger Helmer on his walkabout following the election count Credit: ITV Yorkshire

Controversial Helmer was beaten to the Newark seat by Conservative Robert Jenrick, but UKIP did manage to slash the Tories' majority by around 10,000 votes.



George Osborne: Ukip vote 'down' on previous weeks

Chancellor George Osborne has said the Newark by-election win was a "strong win for the Conservatives" and it was "disastrous" for the Labour Party.

Asked what he thought of the Ukip performance after the anti-EU party came second, he said:

"The Ukip vote was down on where it was a few weeks ago. We have an argument we can take to the country now about the change Britain needs."

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Ukip: Conservatives will look at result in 'sheer horror'

Ukip leader Nigel Farage conceded his party had been defeated during the by-election, but hailed the result as Ukip's "strongest ever by-election performance".

Speaking after the result, Mr Farage said: "I think there'll be an awful lot of Conservatives with a majority of less than 10,000 who will look upon this result in sheer horror."

Farage said he thinks the Conservatives "will look upon this result in sheer horror." Credit: Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

But he admitted he would have liked to have done better in Newark.

"Yes, I mean the majority's halved, but nonetheless for Ukip it's still a good night's work," he said.

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PM sure of 'brighter future' for Newark following win

Prime Minister David Cameron has 'Tweeted' after Robert Jenrick was confirmed as the new Conservative MP of Newark, saying he will work to deliver a "brighter future".


In @robertjenrick the people of Newark will have an MP who will fight for them and work to deliver a brighter future for all.



PM: By-election result 'very good' for Conservatives

David Cameron has hailed the Newark by-election result as "very good for the Conservative Party" but he said the Tories needed to "work between now and the next election" to win back voters from Ukip, who came out second in the by-election.

The PM was speaking in Bayeux, France ahead of D-Day commemoration events.

Asked how he would win back support from Nigel Farage's party he acknowledged the challenge posed by Ukip:

"The job isn't finished yet but we are on the right track, let's stick at it."

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Labour to 'hold Jenrick to account until election'

After the Conservatives win in the Newark by-election, Labour candidate Michael Payne has revealed he will push Robert Jenrick all the way "to the General Election."

Robert Jenrick, the Conservative candidate, won the Newark by-election with Ukip coming in second and Labour in third.

Conservative candidate Robert Jenrick after winning the Newark by-election. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA

Speaking this morning, Labour's candidate spoke of how proud he was of his party's campaign during the by-election.

He said: "While this was always going to be a tough by-election, I am extremely proud of the campaign that Labour has fought.

"In the months ahead, I'll continue campaigning on those issues and holding Robert Jenrick to account right the way through to the General Election."

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Jenrick 'aware of national issues' after by-election win

Robert Jenrick has been speaking after his victory in the Newark by-election.

Mr Jenrick won the seat with a majority vote of over 7,000 and said:

"Of course we're aware of national issues but what we wanted to show - and I think people recognise this - was that in a Westminster election you're choosing someone who'll be a great constituency MP for Newark and that's obviously what I aspire to be."

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