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Labour to 'hold Jenrick to account until election'

After the Conservatives win in the Newark by-election, Labour candidate Michael Payne has revealed he will push Robert Jenrick all the way "to the General Election."

Robert Jenrick, the Conservative candidate, won the Newark by-election with Ukip coming in second and Labour in third.

Conservative candidate Robert Jenrick after winning the Newark by-election. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA

Speaking this morning, Labour's candidate spoke of how proud he was of his party's campaign during the by-election.

He said: "While this was always going to be a tough by-election, I am extremely proud of the campaign that Labour has fought.

"In the months ahead, I'll continue campaigning on those issues and holding Robert Jenrick to account right the way through to the General Election."

Jenrick 'aware of national issues' after by-election win

Robert Jenrick has been speaking after his victory in the Newark by-election.

Mr Jenrick won the seat with a majority vote of over 7,000 and said:

"Of course we're aware of national issues but what we wanted to show - and I think people recognise this - was that in a Westminster election you're choosing someone who'll be a great constituency MP for Newark and that's obviously what I aspire to be."


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Newark by-election full results

The Conservative's Robert Jenrick has won the Newark by-election with a majority of over 7,000.

Newark election results

Other candidates scored the following votes:

Nick the Flying Brick (The Official Monster Raving Loony Party) - 168

Andy Hayes (Independent) - 117

David Bishop (Bus-Pass Elvis Party) - 87

Dick Rogers (Stop Commercial Banks Owning Britain's Money) - 64

Lee Woods (Patriotic Socialist Party) - 18

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Tories see off Ukip 'threat' in Newark

Conservative candidate Robert Jenrick after winning the Newark by-election count at Kelham Hall, Newark. Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire

Robert Jenrick saw off the threat from the eurosceptics to win the parliamentary seat for his party, but the Tory majority was cut significantly from from 16,152 to just 7,403.

Ukip surged from a distant fifth in 2010 to second, pushing Labour into third place while Liberal Democrat support was obliterated, leaving the candidate trailing in sixth place

Ukip MEP Roger Helmer increased the anti-European Union party's support from just 1,954 votes in 2010 to 10,028.


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Final polls have Tories 'comfortably ahead' in Newark

They've started counting the votes here in Newark under the dome of the Great Chapel at Kelham Hall.

It's a wonderfully dramatic setting; usually these things happen in shabby leisure centres.

The final poll, by Survation, makes for a less dramatic sight.

It puts the Conservatives comfortably ahead on 42%, Ukip on 27%, Labour on a creditable 22% and the Lib Dems on a deposit-threatening 4%.

We expect a result in the early hours of the morning.

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Latest from the Newark by-election

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Voting closed in Newark by-election

Polls have now closed in Newark as residents have been voting to decide who will replace Patrick Mercer.

The former Tory MP held the seat since 2001 but stood down this year after a cash for questions scandal.

Stay with us throughout the night as we bring you all the latest news from the counting.

You can also follow our Political Correspondent Paul Brand on Twitter for reaction.

Click here for the full list of the candidates who were running.

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