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West Ham manager defends Pearson over ostrich rant

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has defended Leicester counterpart Nigel Pearson after he was branded a bully for abizarre press conference in which he labelled a journalist "an ostrich".

Allarcye and Pearson worked together at Newcastle. Credit: PA

Pearson received widespread disapproval for his barb at a reporter following the Foxes' 3-1 defeat to champions-elect Chelsea at the King Power Stadium on Wednesday night.

But Allardyce, who employed Pearson as part of his backroom staff at Newcastle, said:

When you are down there dealing with the pressures that come upon in terms of staying in the Premier League, I think it is a huge pressure for everybody to continue to work under that situation and come through it," he said.

What surprises me is this condescending attitude about what should happen to Nigel that I have been hearing about this morning. People have been talking about bullying and stuff like that - what a load of rubbish. It's an outburst. Simple as that, plain and simple.

But I listen to the world of the media and sometimes it really does baffle me what they come out with in terms of what he should or shouldn't be doing.

– West Ham manager Sam Allardyce


Nigel Pearson: Leicester City manager asked by FA for observations over argument with fan

Pearson has until 6pm on Wednesday to respond to the FA Credit: PA Wire

Leicester City manager Nigel Pearson has been asked for his observations by the Football Association after an exchange with a supporter during last week's loss to Liverpool, the governing body has said.

Pearson appeared to swear at a supporter after he was subjected to verbal abuse from the person in question.

It is a routine move from the FA and Pearson has until 6pm on Wednesday to come back with his observations for the governing body to look at.

He refused to apologise to the fan despite calls from the Leicester City Supporters Club to say sorry after a video emerged of the argument.

I have had run-ins with fans in the past and in the heat of the moment these things happen and there won't be any apology. Let's put it like this, it's best if we don't speak about what happened on either side, I'm not going to repeat what happened here.

I am very keen to protect my players and myself and I'm more than happy to stick up for myself in that situation and, more importantly protect my players, that's the root cause of the problem.

If people were offended by what happened in some ways that is regrettable but there's no need for me to apologise to someone of that ilk.

– Nigel Pearson, Leicester City manager

Nigel Pearson: Leicester City 'capable' of Premier League step up

Leicester City need six points to confirm automatic promotion Credit: PA Wire

Leicester boss Nigel Pearson believes his current squad boasts plenty of top-flight potential as the Foxes look to take another giant stride back towards the Barclays Premier League on Friday night.

Pearson said: "We have some quality at this level and I believe a lot of our players are capable of making the step up when we achieve that.

"It is all right having good players but they have to be the right sort. They have to have the same goals and when things get tough, they have to be prepared to keep those values going.

"You can't build a team overnight. It has taken time to build a squad of players good enough."