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Outbreak of Norovirus confirmed at New Cross Hospital

An outbreak of Norovirus has been confirmed on four wards at New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton.

One of the wards is closed to new patients. The movement of staff and patients currently on the ward have been restricted to prevent further spread of the Norovirus.

None of the patients are seriously unwell from the outbreak. Some staff have been affected and have been excluded from work until they are well.

New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton Credit: David Jones/PA

There have been Norovirus outbreaks and cases reported in the community.

We hope that the early detection and our actions will prevent spread to other wards. Scrupulous hand hygiene by all staff and visitors and a high level of environmental cleanliness are the essential measures for controlling this bug.

We have restricted the times of visiting and the number of visitors patients will be allowed to have on the affected wards, as this is a highly contagious disease. We hope that patients, relatives and carers understand the reasons for this restriction. Any visitors must decontaminate their hands properly before they leave the ward.

– Dr Mike Cooper, Director of Infection Prevention and Control for The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust,


Campaign to tackle Norovirus launched in Nottingham

Nottingham CityCare are launching the campaign across the city Credit: ITV News Central

A campaign to tackle the spread of Norovirus has been launched in Nottingham.

Each year, the virus costs the NHS £100million a year, and affects thousands of people, but simple steps like cleaning surfaces and washing hands can stop the spread.

Domestic and General is one business in Nottingham that is making its staff aware of the campaign.

Cleaning surfaces stops the chance of the virus spreading Credit: ITV News Central

How can Norovirus be prevented?

  • Always wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water - particularly after going to the toilet, before preparing or eating food, and after changing a baby's nappy
  • Do not use dirty cutlery
  • Do not allow raw food to come into contact with cooked food
  • Ensure all food is thoroughly cooked, especially meat and shellfish
  • Avoid contact with anyone suffering from the virus for two to three days after they are completely free of symptoms


Norovirus tackled with new awareness campaign

Health workers in Nottingham are hoping to stop winter vomiting bug Norovirus in its tracks this year with a major new awareness campaign.

Staff at the Nottingham CityCare Partnership will be issuing information about how the bug is caught, how to prevent it, and what to do when you have it.

NHS workers in Nottingham are launching a campaign to tackle winter vomiting bug Norovirus Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA

Norovirus is highly contagious and puts the NHS under great strain during the winter months.

Not only does it involve more people going into hospital, it often means wards have to be closed to admissions and visitors to try to control the spread.

Grantham Hospital restricts admissions

An outbreak of a winter vomiting bug has forced Grantham and District Hospital to restrict admissions to its wards.

The decision was taken after patients began experiencing winter norovirus symptoms.

A spokesman said the measure was "a precaution to prevent further spread of the virus" and the hospital remained open.

Patients in the affected wards are being moved elsewhere on the site.

Norovirus affects two wards at Sandwell Hospital

Matthew Dodd, Deputy Chief Operations Officer at Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, says two wards are currently affected by the norovirus outbreak.

A total of 21 people are currently suffering with the bug while 49 have been affected since the outbreak began.

The hospital is currently closed to visitors.

Sandwell Hospital closure update: Patients receiving free phone calls and television

Patients at Sandwell Hospital are being provided with free phone calls and television after it was closed to visitors due to norovirus.

Trust bosses decided to ban visiting after the vomiting bug was confirmed on two wards.

The visiting ban will be reviewed at the weekend.

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