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Vandals break ten seats during Northampton Town match

Sixfields Stadium Credit: Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport

Vandals broke ten seats during Northampton Town's match against Oxford United at Sixfields last week.

Police are appealing for information about who was responsible for the damage in the South Stand - where away fans were sitting - last Saturday.

Officers say part of one of the broken seats was also hurled towards the pitch at the end of the game.

Anyone with information is asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101.

Met Office confirms tornado touched down in Northampton

The Met Office has confirmed that the extreme weather in Northampton earlier today was a tornado.

"Our chief meteorologist Paul Gundersen has watched the footage and is happy it was a tornado.

"The weather conditions were right at the times, their was unstable air mass which created pockets of low pressure.

"This in turn created a funnel cloud which did touch down in the area and therefore it would be classified as an official tornado."

– Met Office spokesperson

Meanwhile, East Midlands Ambulance Service says it is not aware of any injuries.

Police confirm no reports of injuries so far following tornado in Northampton

Northamptonshire Police says it has received a number of calls about a tornado in the Duston area of Northampton.

"We had our first call at around 1.10pm to reports of damaged roof tiles to a property.

"Vehicles parked close to St Luke's Primary School were also damaged as were several other houses in the area.

"Officers have been in attendance but we have not had any reports of people being injured at this stage."

– Northamptonshire Police spokesperson

People have reported their sightings of the tornado on social media.


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Video: Tornado captured on camera over Northampton

A tornado has been spotted over Duston near Northampton. Credit: Shaun Whitcombe

Video has been captured of a tornado in the skies above the Duston area close to Northampton. It was spotted at around 12.15pm.

There are reports on social media of damage to nearby houses with roof tiles being blown off and trees damaged as the twister swept through.

The Met Office confirmed that weather conditions in the area suggest it was a tornado.

This video was captured by ITV News viewer Shaun Whitcombe

Tornadoes form as a spiralling column of air descends from the base of a thunderstorm cloud.

It starts as a funnel cloud which can extend all the way to the ground and then becomes a tornado.

Click below to watch a computer animation of the Met Office rainfall radar at the time of the tornado. The brighter colours indicate the heaviest downpours.

Northampton journalist released from prison in Turkey

Jake Hanrahan Credit: VICE News

The two Vice news reporters who were arrested in Turkey will be released, according to a government source.

British journalists Jake Hanrahan, from Northampton, and Philip Pendlebury and have been detained since late last Thursday in Turkey.

The pair were charged by a Turkish court with “aiding a terrorist organisation”.

The journalists' fixer, an Iraqi national, remained in custody pending investigation, the source said.

VICE News has received confirmation from the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office that two of our journalists, Jake Hanrahan and Philip Pendlebury have been released from a Turkish prison."

"While we are grateful that they have been freed, we are deeply worried by reports that our other VICE News colleague, Mohammed Ismael Rasool, has had his appeal of release rejected by the Turkish government. Rasool is an experienced journalist and translator who has worked extensively across the Middle East with VICE News, Associated Press, and Al Jazeera."

"We call on the Turkish authorities for a swift end to this unjust detainment and to grant his immediate release."

– VICE News
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