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Investigation into care home deaths re-opened

The families of five elderly residents who died suddenly at a Northampton care home have welcomed a decision by police to re-open the investigation into their deaths.

They were all residents at the Parkside House Nursing Home between July and August 2009.

Detectives say a criminal investigation would have taken place at the time but wasn't possible because the Coroner found the deaths had been due natural causes.

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  1. Anglia

Investigation into deaths of residents from Northampton care home to be reopened

An investigation into the deaths of five residents of a former Northampton care home is to be reopened by Northamptonshire Police.

Between July and August 2009, five residents of the Parkside House Nursing Home in St Matthew’s Parade, Northampton, died.

At the time the Coroner ruled they died from natural causes as there was no evidence to suggest that neglect was a direct cause of death.

However, after reviewing the findings of an investigation by the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Northamptonshire Police has decided to reopen its investigation.

“We are taking on board the views of the relatives of the five people who died and they are 100 per cent supportive of the police investigation.

“We would also like to speak to anybody who had friends or relatives at Parkside during the time our investigation covers.

“And we would urge any health professionals to come forward if they have any information which they think could help us.”

– Detective Sergeant Ashley Turner, Northamptonshire Police

The investigation into the former home, which closed shortly after the five people died, is expected to last several months.

Anyone with any information which they believe might be helpful to the investigation can call Northamptonshire Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 08000 555111.

Police step up patrols after rise in theft of iPads

Northamptonshire Police are launching a new scheme after a series of iPad thefts in schools Credit: Ian Nicholson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Police in Northampton are stepping up patrols at schools in the county, after a series of iPad thefts.

The force are setting up a new scheme so that people can register their devices, making them easier to trace if they are stolen.


Police to crack down on speeding motorcyclists

Police in Northamptonshire will be targeting speeding motorcyclists over the next few weeks. Police say more than 50% of collisions on the county's roads involve motorbikes.

In a recent speed enforcement operation, three motorcyclists were clocked travelling at speeds of 91, 96 and 121 miles per hour.

In addition to speed checks, there are three BikeSafe events planned for August, September and October. BikeSafe is a national, police-led initiative that seeks to engage riders of powered two wheelers.

Police to sell drug gang plane on eBay

A Zenair Zodiac light aircraft Credit: Northamptonshire Police

A light aircraft used by a drugs gang to smuggle cocaine into Britain is being sold off by police on eBay.

The unusual sale, announced by Northamptonshire Police, will raise funds for policing activities and community projects.

On its eBay page, which went live last night, the aeroplane is described as being "out of commission" and needing considerable work before an airworthiness certificate can be issued.

The plane, a Zenair Zodiac, was used to transport £1.7million worth of cocaine into Britain from France. It was seized under the Misuse of Drugs Act by officers from the East Midlands special operations unit.

Northamptonshire's Police and Crime Commissioner, Adam Simmonds, said: "I believe this may be the first time a force in the country has seized an aeroplane and is in a position to sell it, so this is a great result for us.

"This goes to show that not only will we go after those who commit crime in our county, but we will also go after their assets and ill-gotten gains."

In September 2012, Leicestershire Police sold a £95,000 sports car on its eBay page, after seizing it from a lavished criminal.

£95,000 Audi R8 sports car seized from a criminal living in the county Credit: ITV News Central

To this day, Leicestershire Police continues to sell items online – and with a rating of 99.7 per cent, the force seems to be rather good at it.

Current products available via its eBay page include a motorbike & sidecar, £1,700 Breitling watch and a pair of linen curtains.

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