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Vandals spray graffiti over listed building

The Newnham Windmill in Northamptonshire, which has been vandalised Credit: Northamptonshire Police

Daventry police in Northamptonshire are asking the public to help them identify graffiti tags after a local landmark was vandalised.

The Newnham Windmill - a grade-two listed building on Newnham Hill - was sprayed with graffiti between September 5 and 11.

Brickwork on the 19th century building has been defaced with a number of 'tags', including the word 'Neos'.

Officers hope someone may recognise the tags and help them to identify the people responsible.


Autumn colour helps West Midlanders fight the blues

Research by the National Trust has found that 40% of people in the West Midlands feel down as the nights draw in and the days get shorter.

But Autumn colour could be the natural tonic to the winter blues. The National Trust has found that the kaleidoscope of natural colours experienced on an autumn walk makes people feel happier.

Walking through Carding Mill Valley in Shropshire, visitors can see blue-tinged hills standing tall in the distance. As the nights draw in during the autumn months, the skies become a dark blue colour. The water in the stream and the waterfall appear to shine brighter and the heather takes on a blue tinge. Credit: The National Trust

Shades of blue you find on walks by water or when the landscape is coloured by the evening’s darkening sky were found to help soothe away stress (38%), while the greens of hilltops and pine woodlands leave people feeling more connected with the natural world (51%).

Despite 68% of people in the West Midlands finding that autumn walks help to combat winter blues, 42% admit to not going on enough walks during the autumn months with just over a third (34%) claiming it’s because they rarely get the chance to go on a stroll.

The short ancient tree walk at Croft Castle in Herefordshire takes you to the spectacular orange scene of the 450 year old Spanish chestnut avenue which is said to be planted in the formation of the Spanish armada. You will also come across the Quarry Oak which has been standing proud for around 1,000 years. Credit: ITV News Central

Tour of Britain director urges more councils to host it

More local councils are being urged to apply to host stages of next year's Tour of Britain.

The event's race director Mick Bennett, who was born in Birmingham, said it could help boost the local economy.

The tour passed through parts of Worcestershire earlier this week, including Pershore and Evesham, bringing in hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra income.

Pictures: Tour of Britain speeds through the Midlands

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