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Campaign calls on council to cancel new canal

Protestors have marched through the centre of Daventry in Northamptonshire calling for a planned canal extension and boat lift to be shelved.

They say Daventry District Council's scheme to construct a spur from the Grand Union Canal into the town centre goes against the wishes of people living in the town who said no to the idea in a referendum.

The council says the canal, including 2 locks and a 12 metre boat lift, will put Daventry on the tourist map and attract several million extra visitors each year.

But campaigners say it will eventually lead to the building of a hotel, 2 supermarkets as well as restaurants and housing on one of the area's few remaining green spaces.

Daventry Canal Campaigners Credit: Ann Pells
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The schoolboy handed a "life-changing" limb thanks to scientists and a 3D printer

William and his mum trying out his new hand prototype. Credit: ITV News Anglia

A boy from Northamptonshire who was born without a left hand is having a prosthetic limb made for him using a 3D printer.

William Joyner, who's eight and from Paulerspury, is currently trying out prototypes developed by experts at the University of Bedfordshire.

Credit: ITV News Anglia

William and the team want to make sure it's the perfect fit and the perfect colour- before he receives the new hand in around six months time.

"So you bend your wrist and the fingers close up and then when you open your wrist the fingers open out again. It feels really weird because I can pick up pens and draw pictures... when I'm doing it it's really amazing."

– William Joyner
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