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Police dogs can be 'difference between life and death'

Police Dog Ska with handler PC Keith Bennett Credit: West Midlands Police

After a woman was saved by a police dog in Northfield in the early hours of this morning, Inspector Russ Evans from West Midlands Police Dogs Unit said:

"Our dogs are highly trained and are able to follow a scent over long distances, in all sorts of conditions - so when someone is in grave danger, they really can make the difference between life and death."

Police dog Ska, along with handler PC Keith Bennett, was called in to help locate the woman when police were alerted to concerns over her welfare.


Police dog saves seriously injured woman

PD Ska with handler PC Keith Bennett

A police dog has saved a woman after tracking her blood trail in the Northfield area of Birmingham.

The police dog, named Ska, led handler PC Keith Bennett to the woman's location by tracking her scent and a trail of blood.

The West Midlands Police Dogs Unit were called in the early hours of this morning after evidence of an injury was reported near the scene.

After being saved by Ska the woman, yet to be named, is recovering in hospital.

Killer of mother of three children was 'violent and controlling'

Junior Saleem Oakes stabbed Natasha Trevis 26 times Credit: West Midlands Police

West Midlands Police says Natasha Trevis and Junior Saleem Oakes were living apart at the time of her death as she had wanted to end the relationship.

The night before the attack she had agreed to meet with him to celebrate his birthday.

The two of them argued throughout the evening and into the next day, before leaving together early that morning in a taxi. They were intending to drop Oakes at his home address in Dimsdale Road before continuing onto Natasha’s home.

The argument continued in the taxi and on arriving in Dimsdale Road, Oakes tried to get Natasha to leave with him but she refused.

A short time later the taxi driver heard Natasha scream as she was being stabbed. Police say she was chased out of the car by Oakes who stabbed her multiple times.


Man jailed for life for killing woman in taxi

A Birmingham man who murdered the mother of his three young children in the back of a taxi has been jailed for life.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how Junior Saleem Oakes killed Natasha Trevis in a "savage and prolonged" knife attack.

Oakes killed Natasha Trevis five days after the social worker revealed she had aborted a fourth child, stabbing her 26 times in total.

28 year-old Oakes, from Northfield, will serve at least 22 years in prison.

Police appeal for witnesses in taxi stabbing

Police speak about tax stabbing Credit: ITV Central

Police are appealing for witnesses after a woman died after being stabbed in a taxi in Northfields in Birmingham. The perpetrator, who police believe was known to the victim, fled the scene. Officers are searching the area looking for a mixed race Asian male.

The victim is believed to be a 22 year old local woman.

Investigation underway after woman stabbed in taxi

Police are at the scene of stabbing making inquiries Credit: ITV Central

Investigations are underway after a woman died after being stabbed in a taxi in Northfield in Birmingham.

It happened at the junction of Dimsdale Road and Hoggs Lane at around 8.00am this morning.

A woman, who had been a passenger in a taxi, was stabbed inside the car, and a man fled the scene.

The taxi driver alerted emergency services but the woman died from her injuries.

Investigation underway after woman stabbed in taxi Credit: ITV Central
Police at the scene where a woman was stabbed Credit: ITV Central
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