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Council apology after stroke emergency delay

Eileen Rock was being cared for at a home run by Nottingham City Council Credit: ITV News Central

Nottingham City Council has apologised after the local government ombudsman found it took five hours for one of its care homes to call an ambulance for a stroke victim.

Eileen Rock now lives with her daughter, but her health has suffered.

Mrs Rock suffered the stroke at 7:30am but it was not until her daughter arrived at lunchtime that the emergency services were summoned.

An investigation found the home's manager and deputy were aware of her situation, but both thought the other had called for assistance.

Mrs Rock has been left incontinent and unable to walk and her previous speech and communication difficulties have been exacerbated.

Parking ticket for ambulance picking up disabled children

The traffic warden issuing the ticket Credit: Nottingham Post

An ambulance picking up disabled children was given a ticket by a traffic warden after parking illegally.

The vehicle was parked to pick up wheelchair-bound children in Nottingham.

Passers by took photos of the council worker as he ticketed the vehicle.

A Nottingham City Council spokesman, said: "We would like to apologise for these tickets being issued and we have revoked them."

Controversial timetable changes given go-ahead

Councillors in Nottingham have given approval to controversial changes to the school year in the city. The city council's ruling Executive Board has reduced the summer holiday from six weeks to five.

The new-look model will see an academic year made up of three terms, with a two-week break in October and a fixed spring break. The move is a compromise from the council's initial plans to introduce a five-term year.


Nottingham parking changes: visitors can park anywhere in city centre for £1

Nottingham drivers can park in the city centre for £1. Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

Changes to parking in Nottingham from Monday (5 November) means visitors can park for £1 anywhere in the city centre for a certain period of time.

Nottingham has also become the first major city in the country to remove all maximum stay times for on street parking.

Drivers can park in the zone 1 area of Nottingham for £1 per half hour.

Nottingham City Council to publish its spending on the web

Nottingham City Council is to publish its spending above £500, online.

Rather than publishing spending over an arbitrary threshold of £500 and having to manage the cost and time associated with administering and collecting information and responding to queries, we have used the opportunity presented by new systems introduced through sharing finance functions with another council to publish all spending data at little or no cost.

– Ian Curryer, acting Deputy Chief Executive

It means that people in Nottingham will now be able to see what the council has been spending. It comes after nearly a year of campaigns from the TaxPayers' Alliance for the information to be made available.

"After years keeping Nottingham residents in the dark, it is great news that the council is finally going to release proper detail about how it spends taxpayers’ money. Hundreds of other local authorities across the country have published this data for some time now, there was never any good excuse for Nottingham City Council alone holding out."

– Matthew Sinclair, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance
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