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Sentencing for Nottingham man found guilty of rape

A man from Nottingham found guilty of raping and wounding a 22-year-old woman has been detained for an indeterminate sentence at a Young Offenders' Centre.

Joseph Moran was told he would have to serve a minimum term of six and a half years before he could be considered for release.

Sentencing, Judge James Sampson, said Moran posed a significant risk of serious harm to women and described the attack on his victim as sustained, savage and horrific.

Her injuries were so bad she was not recognisable by her own mother.


Judge says murder was a 'truly shocking offence'

Speaking at the sentencing of Charlotte Collinge and the two men, Stephen Shreeves and Kelvin Dale, who she ordered to kill her husband Clifford Collinge in October last year, the judge Mr Justice Treacy described Mr Collinge's attack as:

"A brutal attack by two men fuelled by alcohol and illegal drugs, who probably didn't even know his name"

– Mr Justice Treacy

The court also heard how Mr Collinge lay on the floor with fatally injuries for almost 20 minutes, while his wife walked past his dying body.


Man found guilty of rape

A 19 year old man has been found guilty of the rape and assault of a young woman, after she was refused entry onto a late night bus.

The 22 year-old law student was 20 pence short of the £5 bus fare.

She asked the driver if he would wait, whilst she went to a cash point but he said no.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that she was attacked on the Forrest Recreation ground as she walked to meet her mother for a lift.

Joseph Moran from Sneinton in Nottingham has denied all charges.

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