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Lollipop lady celebrates 40 years on the job

Jean Dawson with children from Albany School Credit: ITV News Central

A lollipop lady from Nottinghamshire is celebrating 40 years on the job, and says she is still not going to stop.

Jean Dawson, who is 77, is now helping the grandchildren of the children she originally helped cross outside Albany School in Stapleford.

Jean's four-decade stint began when she used to walk her own children to school, and when the previous crossing patrol finished, she took up the role.


Nottinghamshire MP: Official Secrets Act should be lifted to uncover truth about Westminster paedophile claims

An MP from Nottinghamshire is calling for the Official Secrets Act to be lifted to learn more about the dossier at the heart of the Westminster paedophile ring claims.

John Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw, claims potential whistleblowers have copies and he wants them brought into the public domain.

The Home Office says that crucial files which could expose historical child sex abuse, are likely to have been shredded.

Tackling homophobic bullying improvement in schools

Schools in Nottinghamshire are the most improved in the country for preventing homophobic bullyinh Credit: PA

Nottinghamshire County Council has been named as the most improved local authority in Britain for tackling homophobic bullying and celebrating difference in their schools.

That's according to a report by an equality charity today. Lincolnshire County Council was named the tenth best local authority.



Rolf Harris artwork to be removed from drain cover

A drain cover created in memory of a visit made by disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris is to be destroyed today.

The drain cover created from Harris' drawing
The drain cover created from Harris' drawing

Mr Harris visited East Drayton in 1979 and villagers made a stencil from a drawing he did there and had it transferred on to a new drain cover.

The parish council now say it is inappropriate after he was convicted of 12 indecent assaults.

The drain cover created from Harris' drawing
The drain cover created from Harris' drawing

Click here to hear from the parish council

The charity Mind say pensioner's death is 'tragic but rare'

A mental health charity has described the death of a pensioner killed by his schizophrenic grandson as tragic but incredibly rare.

Earlier today the coroner at his inquest recorded a verdict of unlawful killing.

The social care team were criticised for failing to assess William Barnard's mental state before he killed the 84-year-old at his home in Stapleford in Nottinghamshire.

This was undoubtedly a tragic incident with fatal consequences but it’s important to recognise that such cases are incredibly rare. More than half a million people live with severe mental health problems such as schizophrenia, but people with mental health problems are extremely unlikely to be dangerous."

– Mental Health charity Mind

Pensioner was fighting to get help for schizophrenic grandson who killed him

The mother of a man suffering from schizophrenia who stabbed his Grandfather to death says he'd been fighting to get him help.

81-year-old John McGrath was killed by William Barnard in July 2009 at his Grandfather's home in Stapleford in Nottinghamshire.

Barnard also injured his 84 year old grandmother Mabel.

Kathleen Barnard said her father always wanted Will to get better:

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