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Symptoms cat owners should look out for

These are the symptoms cat owners should look out for if they suspect their pet has ingested antifreeze:-

  • Usually remain markedly depressed
  • Do not exhibit increased thirst
  • Producing only small amounts of urine
  • May note severely low body temperature
  • Severe sluggishness (lethargy) or coma
  • Seizures
  • Lack of appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Oral ulcers/sores on mouth
  • Salivation
  • Kidneys are often swollen and painful


Cat owners fear for pets' safety after suspected poisoning

Penny had to be put down after she had consumed a toxic substance. Credit: Lee Poole, Owner

Cat owners in Calverton, Nottinghamshire, say they fear for their pets' safety after more than 20 animals have died from suspected poisoning.

Lee Poole's cat, Penny, became ill in the summer and had to be put down after a vet discovered she had consumed a toxic substance.

Mr Poole and another owner who also lost his pet, Nick Lawlor, have been running a campaign in the village to find what's behind the spate of deaths.

They believe the cats have been deliberately targeted with antifreeze.

Calverton cat deaths map. Credit: ITV News Central

The RSPCA and police are investigating the incidents and are keeping an open mind on the possible cause.

They say it's extremely difficult to bring a prosecution without good evidence.

Urgent public meeting held over cat deaths

A public meeting has been held in a Nottinghamshire village to discuss a number of recent cat deaths.

Police and members of the RSPCA at emergency meeting in Calverton Credit: ITV News Central

The police and RSPCA met with local residents concerned about 22 cat deaths in Calverton where the animals died of suspected anti-freeze poisoning.

The aim of the meeting was to gather evidence from local people and to offer advice to pet owners in the area about how to keep their animals safe.

Sneinton Market redevelopment to begin

The redevelopment of Sneinton Market in Nottingham is due to get underway today.

The project is part of a wider redevelopment project in the city Credit: ITV News Central

Units on the site are going to be converted into workshops and studios.

It is part of a wider plan to refresh the city's Creative Quarter and create more jobs in the area.

City bosses hope the project will create more jobs in the city Credit: ITV News Central


Culture Club cancel Nottingham date

Pop band Culture Club have been forced to cancel their date in Nottingham next month.

Singer Boy George is suffering from a serious throat condition Credit: John Rahim/EMPICS Entertainment

The group, who had due to play at the city's Capital FM Arena on 6 December, say they have been forced to take the decision because singer Boy George is suffering from a serious throat condition.

I’m devastated but I want to be able to perform to the best of my ability and the specialist has told me that right now that will be impossible. I will focus on getting better and see all my fans soon.

– Boy George

Divers find woman's lost family heirloom in lake

A delighted Julie Turner with divers Jon Peters and Phil Elson from The Tribe Scuba Credit: Nottinghamshire County Council

Divers went on an underwater mission to reunite a couple with a valuable ring which was lost in the lake at Rufford Abbey Country Park in Nottinghamshire.

Julie and Stephen Turner - from Mansfield Woodhouse - contacted Nottinghamshire County Council’s rangers team in distress after losing the opal ring on October 5 while feeding the ducks from a wooden bridge.

The rangers couldn't find the ring, but they allowed the Turners' family friend Phil Elson to take part in a search mission with his diving team. He and his colleagues found the family heirloom within just ten minutes, using an underwater metal detector.

The ring dates back to the 1930s, and is worth around £500. It was passed down to Julie from her husband's grandmother.

The ring dates back to the 1930s, and is worth around £500 Credit: Nottinghamshire Police

"I was distraught when it happened.

"I had put the ring on and as we were feeding bread to the ducks it literally slipped off my finger and into the water. The rangers tried to retrieve it that afternoon but to no avail, so we got in touch with the diving experts to see if they could help.

“We love visiting Rufford and everyone at the county council and The Tribe Scuba have been so helpful. It has been a difficult few weeks not knowing if we could get it back – we are elated.”

– Julie Turner, 47

"I was confident we could get it back, but the water is very silty so it was very dark and we had to work inch by inch.

"The support of the rangers was vital to help build up a picture of where the ring was so we could get it back safely and quickly.”

– Phil Elson, who found the precious ring
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