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Street sealed off as woman found collapsed on ground

A street in Nuneaton is cordoned off by police today after a woman was found collapsed on the ground.

The 45-year-old was found in Eastboro Way shortly after 9.30pm.

The woman was found collapsed in Nuneaton overnight Credit: PA

Police have now launched an inquiry into what happened. Officers have urged anyone who witnessed anything suspicious to get in touch.

Meet Dawn... the fox who thinks she's a dog

Dawn the fox is one of six foxy residents at Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary.

When rescued by a member of the public, they initially thought she was a dog - and it seems she does too.

Staff have caught her on camera rolling over to have her tummy tickled, and wagging her tail - just like any enthusiastic puppy.


Bad weather destroys cars and wrecks buildings in Galley Common

The storm tore down walls Credit: ITV News Central

Our correspondent who is in Galley Common says the damage there is extensive and that buildings, cars and roofs have been damaged by yesterday's storm.

Cars were smashed as the storm ripped through Galley Common yesterday Credit: ITV News Central

Roofs ripped off as 'mini-tornado' rips through Galley Common

Some residents had to be evacuated after damage to their homes Credit: ITV News Central

Houses have been badly damaged in Galley Common after what Warwickshire Police called a 'mini-tornado' ripped through a street.

ITV News Central Correspondent Keith Wilkinson is on Hickman Road in Galley Common and says garage roofs have been torn off and flung through the air.

Garages, cars and homes were damaged by the storm Credit: ITV News Central

Galley Common and Bedworth Borough Council say they are now leading in the clear-up. Yesterday evening some residents were evacuated to a community centre to escape the damage caused to their homes by the storm.

How Nuneaton football violence led to 87 arrests...

Prior to last year's fixture between Nuneaton Town and Lincoln City, on Saturday 16 March 2013, over 40 officers were deployed to Nuneaton town centre to prevent any violent confrontation.

The vast majority of Nuneaton fans declined and after attempting to engage violently with away supporters, they turned their aggression on Police.

A picture of the Granby Pub, where violence erupted in March 2013... Credit: ITV Central

Police say it became clear that home fans hoped to engage in a violent confrontation with the away supporters.

A cordon of police officers contained them at the Granby pub, where they were drinking.

Picture of a broken bottle after the violent clash between Nuneaton Town fans and police... Credit: ITV Central

After vandalising the pub and turning on officers with chairs and tables, Nuneaton fans were allowed to leave one at a time, before 87 of them were arrested and 22 were charged with violent disorder.

21 football fans jailed for total of 19 years

21 men have been jailed for a total of 19 years and six weeks at Warwick Crown Court today, after pleading guilty to violent disorder in a football-related incident.

On the morning of Saturday 16 March 2013, fans attending the Blue Square Premier League match between Nuneaton Town and Lincoln City at Sperrin Brewery Stadium, clashed with Police prior to kick-off.

Both sets of supporters were given the opportunity for safe escort to the ground.

The vast majority of Nuneaton fans declined and after attempting to engage violently with away supporters, they turned their aggression on Police.

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