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Protest in Nottingham City Centre costs the council £10,000

A protest in Nottingham city centre has cost the council around £10,000

Campaigners camped out for 190 days to protest against economic and environmental issues. The council wanted to evict them, but they eventually moved after deciding they couldn't afford a legal battle.

The council has now started to remove the tents but people living in the area are angry that so much public money has been spent on the dispute.


Protester reacts to Occupy Nottingham avoiding immediate eviction

"In 1275 King Edward II gifted this land to the people of Nottingham and that remained the same until December last year when the council claimed full ownership of the land."

"We believe that the citizens still have rights to this land and we challenge the council to show us the deeds and charters to show us one way or the other what our rights are as citizens and people of Nottingham in our own market place"

"As far as the court case is concerned we're glad the possession order wasn't given today and we're glad an element of fairness was shown by the judges, we'd have hoped for a longer time to prepare our case - we've only now got two and a half days."

"We'll be meeting with the solicitors and we will come back to the courts"