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Man found with stab wounds outside McDonald's

It happened on Wolverhampton Road this afternoon Credit: ITV News Central

A man has been found with multiple stab wounds at a McDonald's in Oldbury.

Police arrived at the restaurant on Wolverhampton Road at 5:30pm to find a man with serious injuries. Officers believe he had driven himself to McDonald's, having been stabbed elsewhere.

He has been taken to hospital.

The area has been sealed off while police launch an investigation into what happened.

The victim has been taken to hospital Credit: ITV News Central

Latest photo of Oldbury fire factory destruction

This photo of the inside of a plastics factory destroyed in a huge fire in Oldbury shows the sheer scale of the destruction from the fire.

Part of the factory may have to be demolished later as it is in danger of collapsing. Credit: ITV News Central

Part of the factory may have to be demolished later as it is in danger of collapsing.

At its height more than 70 firefighters tackled the blaze on Tat Bank Road yesterday which saw huge plumes of smoke that could be seen for several miles.


Investigation underway into huge fire at factory in Oldbury

An investigation is underway into a huge factory fire in Oldbury.

Fire crews have been dampening down overnight Credit: BPM Media

Fire crews have been dampening down overnight after bringing the blaze under control.

Billowing black smoke from the plastics manufacturers on Tat Bank road could be seen from miles away.

It caused traffic chaos on the roads and some public transport was delayed.

Fire service still advising people close windows & doors

Speaking to ITV News Central's Andy Bevan, Steve Harris, from the West Midlands Fire Service, explains what happened earlier today as a plastics factory was destroyed by fire.

The service continue to advise people to keep windows and doors closed, with smoke lingering in the air, despite the fire now being out.

Fire service looking to halve attendance in Oldbury

The West Midlands Fire Service say it is looking to halve its resources at the scene of a huge fire at a plastics factory in Oldbury, now the blaze is under control.

Crews at the site of the factory fire Credit: Twitter/@WestMidsFire

The service said relief crews will remain on site throughout the evening and fire investigators are looking into what caused the fire.

Tat Bank Road remains closed, and diversions are in place, which is disrupting bus services.

Pictures: Wall of factory collapses onto road


Wall collapses onto road after huge factory fire

One wall of the plastics factory which has been destroyed by a severe fire this afternoon has collapsed onto the road nearby.

A wall has collapsed onto the road nearby Credit: Twitter/@WestMidsFire

Tat Bank Road remains closed after parts of the badly damaged building fell onto it.

West Midlands Fire Service have said there is still a large presence at the site.

Firefighters get the blaze under control Credit: Twitter/@WestMidsFire

At its height, 75 firefighters tackled the blaze which started at about 1.15pm today.

Ambulance crews are beginning to scale back though, now the fire is under control.

Smoke could be seen from as far as Staffordshire and Worcestershire this afternoon Credit: Twitter/@WestMidsFire

Aerial photos show damage done by Oldbury fire

Aerial photos show the damage done by a fire which has ripped through a plastics factory in Oldbury, sending black smoke billowing into the air.

Smoke is still rising from the factory as much of the roof appears collapsed Credit: Twitter/@HighgateFire

The fire service says the fire started in a storage area of the factory on Tat Bank Road, and all employees were evacuated unhurt.

Pictures: 'Unbelievable scenes' as smoke rises from factory

The picture was taken from one of the fire service's hydraulic platforms Credit: Twitter/@HighgateFire

Fire started in storage area of plastics factory

Fire crews have confirmed the blaze at a plastics factory in Oldbury started in a storage area.

75 firefighters are now on site Credit: BPM Media

They say 29 employees were at the site at the time, and all were evacuated and were unhurt.

75 firefighters are now at the site as they work to bring the blaze under control. They are using equipment from 18 vehicles and water from the nearby canal in their work.

Watch: Black smoke continues to billow from plastics factory

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