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Olympic Torch travels through Peterborough

Kamal Hyman, 18, from Peterborough was the first torchbearer on Day 47 Credit: Jonathon Stevens / ITV Anglia

Day 47 of the Olympic torch relay began in Peterborough today.

The flame will make its way through the Fenlands and across Norfolk, before visiting Sandringham - the Queen's estate - shortly after 2pm.

Natasha Applegate lights the cauldron with the Olympic flame in Peterborough. Credit: Chris Radburn/PA Wire



Trampolining world record broken in Loughborough

A new world record has been broken in Loughborough today as 298 people took to trampolines to bounce simultaneously for five and a half minutes.

The record was broken at Loughborough University, the preparation camp of Team GB this afternoon.

The Torch visited the site earlier this morning as part of day 46 of the relay, a carnival procession took place through Loughborough ahead of the Torch arrival.

The Torch is now leaving Whitwell Harbour and due to arrive in Uppingham at 16.15hrs, it will then move on to Stamford and then to Peterborough.

Oakham draped in bunting and flags for the Flame

The Torch is currently in Oakham just four stops until the celebration cauldron is ignited Credit: Rutland Radio

The Olympic Torch Relay has been seen by 1 million people over the three visits it has made to the West Midlands region.

That enthusiasm shows no sign of slowing as the people of Oakham a county town of Rutland, welcomed the Olympic Torch with bunting, flags and cheers.

The Torchbearer here was 38-year-old Martin Hulbert who after losing his wife in 2004 in a cycling accident, was inspired to raise thousands of pounds for a charity that grants the wishes of terminally ill children.

Torchbearer running through Oakham just a short time ago. Credit: Jessica Edmonds

The Torch then made its way Whitwell Harbour, from there it is due in Uppingham at 16.15hrs.

Where you can see the Torch for the remainder of today

It has been an exciting day as it started with a real-life rocketman carrying the Torch into the sky. Credit: PA

It is day 46 of the Olympic Torch Relay, the Flame left Leicester this morning and is making its way to Peterborough where the celebration cauldron will be ignited on stage - for the last time in the Midlands.

It has been an exciting day as it started with a real-life rocketman carrying the Torch into the sky.

Gary Lineker was a Torchbearer through his home city of Leicester, by the end of today the Flame would have travelled on a boat and two trains and there is still more to come.

There is still time to watch the Olympic Torch here in the Midlands:14.54 Whitwell Harbour16.15 Uppingham16.45 Stamford18.35 Peterborough

The Olympic Flame greeted by roaring Melton Mowbray crowd

This afternoon the Olympic Flame passed through Melton Mowbray on day 46 of the Relay to the sound of cheering crowds packing the sides of the streets.

Many of the people in the crowd were waving home-made flags, the Torch Relay team had a lunch break making half way through day 46.

A short while ago the Torch entered Langham and Oakham then the next stop for the Olympic Flame is Whitwell Harbour where it is due to arrive at 14.54hrs.

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