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Titanium plate to be fitted to Malala's skull

This animation has been released by Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham to illustrate the surgery that Malala will undergo.

The straight line in the video shows where the bullet entered and exited Malala's head.

It then shows the section of Malala's skull that is missing, and how a moulded titanium plate will be fitted to cover this.

The final part of the video shows the small electronic device that will be fitted to her left ear to improve her sense of hearing. She can still hear normally through her right ear.

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Malala set for UK stay after father given consular role

Malala Yousafzai, the 15-year-old girl who is being treated in a UK hospital after she was shot by the Taliban in Pakistan, is set to stay in Britain after her father was given a job by the Pakistan consulate in Birmingham.

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai. Credit: REUTERS/Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Ziauddin Yousufzai has been given a role in education for at least three years.


Gordon Brown: 'Breakthrough moment for Pakistan' in education rights

Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who is in Pakistan today, met two of Malala's friends who were injured in the attack and said there was now a real momentum for change in the country.

I believe that in Pakistan, the silent majority is speaking and that there is now a national consensus that the country can delay no longer in ensuring girls and boys have schools to go to and teachers to teach them.

This has been a breakthrough moment for Pakistan and now we must turn Pakistan's new ambitions and popular determination into delivery on the ground.

– Gordon Brown MP

X-rays showing bullet lodged in student's head

The bright white mark to the left of the nose shows the bullet surgeons removed Credit: BMI Hospital Edgbaston
Ummad Farooq was shot in the head while in Pakistan with his family Credit: BMI Hospital Edgbaston
A team of surgeons from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and the BMI Hospital Birmingham removed the bullet through Ummad's nose Credit: BMI Hospital Edgbaston


Student describes moment he was shot in the head in Pakistan

The British student being treated in Birmingham after he and his family were shot at close range in Pakistan, has described the moment they came under fire.

Ummad Farooq, who's 22, and studying for a MBA at Sunderland University, was attending a wedding in Karachi when he was gunned down.

His newly-wed brother died in the attack, and his father is in intensive care.

“I only went to Pakistan a few weeks ago for my brother’s wedding. After the wedding, we were attacked as we returned home from Friday prayers.

“My father was driving the car while I, my two uncles and my newly-wed brother’s father-in-law were in the car. My brother was riding a bike. As we were half way home, we heard a gunshot. My father saw from the side mirror that my brother was on the ground and was bleeding. He had been fatally wounded.

“As Papa stopped the car, there were two men on a bike who opened fire on us. My father got shot with five bullets that are still in his body. He is fighting for his life in intensive care in a hospital in Pakistan."

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