Prof Tom Dening, from University of Nottingham's department of mental health

INSIGHT: Memory and amnesia

As doctors struggle to unlock the past of 'Mystery Man', Prof Tom Dening explains why memory is so important - and what can make it fail.

Peterborough arsonist jailed

A woman has been jailed for 12 months for setting fire to a home in her own street in Peterborough.

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MP backs calls for review into Stilton cheese decision

North West Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara holds up a piece of Stilton cheese
North West Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara holds up a piece of Stilton cheese Credit: PA

Campaigners from the village of Stilton in Peterborough are taking their fight to the government to be allowed to use the name Stilton for their cheese.

Under EU law Stilton can only be made by a few dairies in the East Midlands, where it is believed to have originated.

The Cambridgeshire MP Shailesh Vara is backing calls for a review of the decision.


Amnesia sufferer identified as 22-year-old Lithuanian

An amnesia sufferer found in a Peterborough park has been identified. Credit: ITV Central

An amnesia sufferer who had been unable to remember his own identity after being found in a Peterborough park has been named as Alvydas Kanaporis, 22, originally from Lithuania, following an appeal, the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust said.


Doctor never seen a case of amnesia as serious as 'Mystery Man'

The doctor treating 'Robert' says that over 50 days of memory loss is extremely rare and throughout his whole career he's never met someone with no memory at all.

Dr Manaan Kar Ray say the Autobiographical Memory - which incorporates memories of friends, family, and experiences - makes up the 'building blocks' of our existence.

The medical team have taken the man to the town centre of Peterborough where he was found and also to Wisbech, an area with several Eastern European communities, as he has a slight accent.

But doctors say that even if he's identified, the process to bring back his memory will be just beginning.

'Mystery Man': What is amnesia?

The brain: file photo Credit: Barratts/S&G Barratts/EMPICS Archive


Amnesia is when an individual loses all or some of their memory.


It can be caused by a blow to the head, brain illnesses, or an extreme emotional experience.


Anterograde amnesia - when the individual struggles to remember regular or day to day events and activities after a physical injury or accident.

Retrograde amnesia - when the individual struggles to remember events or activities that happened before their injury.

Transient global amnesia - disruption to the memory that lasts for around 4-12 hours normally following trauma.

Fugue amnesia - when the individual cannot remember who they are and struggles with identity.



What do we know about Mystery Man 'Robert'?

'Robert' Credit: ITV News Central

'Robert' seems to be quite sporty and has been playing basketball and football since being taken into the care of hospital staff in Peterborough.

He was found wandering in a park in Peterborough on 18 May.

He speaks English, but it may be a second language. He also understands Russian and Lithuanian.

He has no physical problems.

He's experiencing a range of emotions at the moment and is too upset to speak on camera.

He is being looked after at the Cavell Centre, which cares for people with mental health conditions.

If you can help - contact:

Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust

Tel: 01733 776014 between 8am and 8pm

Doctor believes 'mystery man' with no memory has nothing to hide

A man found in Peterborough who has severe amnesia

It's around 50 days now since a man with severe amnesia was found wandering in a park in Peterborough.

Too upset to speak on camera, the man who hospital staff have called Robert, said,

"The last few weeks have been truly horrible. I go through so many different emotions. At times I am angry, frustrated, depressed, lost and confused. I just need to find out my name and I hope someone out there will recognise me and help"

Dr Manaan Kar Ray Credit: NHS

Dr Manaan Kar Ray who is treating Robert says,

"We have to appreciate that he is the one who initiated this appeal. If he had anything to hide, why go to the media?

Normally we are talking hours. It has been 50 odd days since we found him in that park.

We have been trying our level best [to help him] by getting him out to the place where we found him."


Amnesia doctor: 'We are no closer to Robert's identity'

The doctor of a man with severe amnesia said staff "were no closer to his identity" and were still appealing for information from anyone who might know he who is.

Dr Manaan Kar Ray told Good Morning Britain "Robert", as doctors are calling him, is "very keen, if anyone knows him, that they might be able to help him piece his life together."

Man with severe amnesia 'has no physical problems'

A man who was found in Peterborough two months ago with severe amnesia has "no physical problems."

Dr Manaan Kar-Ray from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundational Trust says the man is frustrated that he does not have any recollection of his identity.

"Robert" was found in a park in Peterborough on 18 May. He has no memory of who he is, his name, age, or where he comes from.

PICTURE: Appeal to identify man with severe amnesia found in Peterborough

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