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'Things have improved' at Peterborough care home

A care home in Peterborough where inspectors found people were left in 'beds of urine', has responded to a highly critical report by the Care Quality Commission.

A statement on behalf of Werrington Lodge, said:

We were made aware of these findings in May and June and we took immediate action. We were deeply concerned that the home was below the standards we expect for our residents.

We have made investment in a number of areas including training for current staff and adding more staff to the team. This includes additional nurses on the team, a senior nurse supervising each shift, plus daily support from our most senior and specialist staff.

We have also transformed the environment with refurbishments. Since the inspections in May and June we know we have made progress and this has been recognised by external parties involved - the Care Quality Commission and the Council.

Everyone is dedicated to providing the best possible care and we know things have improved and continue to improve. We would like to thank residents and relatives for their continued support.


Staff at Peterborough care home 'ignored some calls for assistance'

The Care Quality Commission says improvements are needed at a care home in Peterborough.

Malcolm Bower-Brown, Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care at the CQC, says staff at Werrington Lodge ignored some calls for assistance among other concerns.

Peterborough care home 'which left people in beds of urine' criticised

People at Werrington Lodge were reportedly left in beds of urine Credit: Google Street View

A care home in Peterborough which reportedly left people in beds of urine has been told to make improvements after the Care Quality Commission (CQC) made an unannounced inspection.

The CQC visited Werrington Lodge care home on 8 and 12 May 2014. It has warned national care provider Barchester Healthcare Homes Limited, which runs the home, to make improvements.

Inspectors found a number of significant concerns:

  • Some people were left in bed for long periods of time during the day, sometimes in beds wet with urine
  • The home was dirty and people were at risk of infection. Parts of the home smelled of urine and there were dirty carpets and furniture in communal areas
  • People were not protected from developing pressure ulcers from falls
  • People had lost weight and some had very dry mouths indicating they were not given enough to drink
  • Some staff showed a lack of compassion for the people in their care
  • Calls for help were ignored on occasion
  • There was a lack of stimulation and activities with only one activities organiser employed to support the 79 people
  • A lack of direction and leadership from management and nurses

Following the inspections CQC made referrals to Peterborough Council's Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults team.

Barchester Healthcare Homes Limited was served with eight formal warning notices.

A further inspection on 12 June found some improvements had been made including to staff attitudes and to monitoring of fluid and food intake for people.

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Dad furious that toddler's killer was left alone with her

The father of a toddler who was kicked to death has told ITV News of his fury that the man who killed her was allowed access to his daughter despite warnings from social workers that he was dangerous.

Dean Harris, 20, was jailed for a minimum of 17 years after kicking his girlfriend's two-year-old daughter, Amina Agboola, out of frustration after she soiled herself.

Amina's father, Reuben Agboola, said he was "furious" to learn someone with a history of domestic violence was left alone with his child when he had been stopped from seeing his daughter after splitting with her mother.

ITV News Correspondent Juliet Bremner reports:


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Dean Harris' confession letter to Amina's family

Dean Harris who has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 2-year-old Amina Agboola wrote a letter to her family confessing to the killing. Parts of the letter have been released by police in which he describes the moment he killed Amina and apologises to her family.

Dean Harris' confession letter.

At this point I can remember saying "for ---- sake Mina", I was already in a standing position and the next thing I knew I had kicked her in the stomach. She had gone backwards and landed on her front about six feet away. I realised what I had done and went to pick her up. She was crying at this point and I could tell it had winded her because of the way she was talking. I picked her up to comfort her, I checked her stomach to see if she was OK. I held her in my arms for around three minutes until she stopped crying. When I went to put her down on the floor to further see if she was OK I noticed that she had become limp....I then panicked.

– Dean Harris
Dean Harris' confession letter.

Everything else that happened after this point, the phone calls, the ambulance, is well documented. I only wish I could take all this back but I can't so I hope the family can find some closure. I would further like to add that none of this was Sarah's fault, she has lost a child, so I think she has suffered enough. I am truly sorry for what I have done. I can no longer cause further anguish by continuing to lie.

– Dean Harris
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Man jailed for toddler murder: Amina Agboola's father still "cries every day" over her death

The father of murdered toddler Amina Agboola says that he's "pleased" with the sentence that's been handed down to her killer, but admits that he's still heartbroken by her death.

20-year-old Dean Harris from Peterborough was jailed for life at Cambridge Crown Court this morning.

He'll serve a minimum of 17 years.

The court heard how he kicked the little girl across the room with such force that it "split her liver completely in two."

Harris was frustrated that Amina, his girlfriend's daughter, had soiled herself.

Amina Agboola. Credit: Cambridgeshire Police

"I am pleased with the sentence Dean Harris has received today. However the grief feels like it has no end. I think about Amina constantly. I still cry every day.

I go through the motions of living but inside I am somewhere else thinking about my daughter all the time.

No one understands the pain except those people who are experiencing it. My heart reaches out to every parent on earth who is suffering the loss of a child."

– Rueben Agboola, Amina's father

Speaking to ITV News last month, Mr Agboola said that it's been hard to accept that his daughter is no longer here.

Click below to hear from Reuben Agboola

"I don't want to say goodbye to my daughter. I still want my daughter here with me.

I want not to say goodbye.

I want her to be seen running around, that's what I want. Not to be burying my daughter or saying goodbye to my daughter."

– Rueben Agboola, Amina's father
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Toddler suffered injuries 'similar to a traffic accident'

His Honour Lucraft QC said Amina was kicked with such ferocity that it split her liver completely in two. "...similar to the force of a road traffic accident, it must have been an extremely powerful kick.... Amina's young life was ended by this horrific act." He went into say: "I agree that you are a dangerous young man."

Tennager who murdered toddler given life in jail

Dean Harris Credit: Police

A man has been jailed for life for murdering a two-year-old by kicking her in the stomach after becoming frustrated at her for soiling herself.

20-year-old Dean Harris was found guilty at an earlier hearing and will serve a minimum of 17 years behind bars.

His partner's daughter, Amina Agboola, was found injured and limp at her home near Peterborough in November and died later that day in hospital.

Her mother, Sarah Raqueman, is due be sentenced after admitting cruelty to two other children.

Amina Agboola Credit: Police
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