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Pigeon racing to be added to curriculum in Staffordshire

Pigeons can fly distances of 1000km in one race Credit: RPRA

A school in Staffordshire is adding a new subject to the curriculum that is sure to get pupils flapping.

Kingsmead Technology College in Hednesford, Staffordshire, is introducing pigeon racing as a subject for pupils to study.

The sport has been trialled over the last 18 months among a small group of children - and has proved to be a massive hit.

Richard Chambers, the teacher behind the sport, says the topic will help children with maths and working out velocities by calculating distance and time.


A lost racing pigeon from Staffordshire has turned up 3000 miles away in Canada

Percy the pigeon was found in Canada, 3000 miles away from its home in Cannock Credit: RPRA

A racing pigeon which was in a race from France to Staffordshire has turned up 3000 miles away in Canada.

It was meant to be flying from France to Cannock but got lost and was found by a pigeon racer in Quebec.

The pigeon was identified by its racing rubber rings on its legs Credit: RPRA
Michel Gosselin, Canadian pigeon enthusiast with Percy Credit: RPRA