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  1. Alison Mackenzie

West Midlands Police authority gives go ahead for the next stage in plans to privatise back room police services

The West Midlands police authority has given the go ahead for the next stage in plans to privatise back room police services but the unions are calling for the idea to be scrapped.

The timetable for change is being revised. Full public consultation is promised and the force says it wants to fulfill its commitments to the Olympics.


West Midlands Police given go ahead to continue with BPP programme

West Midlands Police Credit: ITV Central

West Midlands Police has been given the go ahead to continue with its Business Partnering for Police (BPP) programme.

West Midlands Police Authroirty has agreed to a revised timetable over the summer and to release funds to support this.

The change to the original process has been agreed to allow a public consultation. It also means they can concentrate on policing the Olympics over the summer.

BPP is exploring the possibility of whether the force can work with the private sector to change the way policing is delivered.

West Midlands Chief Constable Chris Sims said: "We are really pleased that the Authority has given its approval today. Working with the private sector is a real opportunity to bring private sector solutions into policing to really transform the way we work."

Derek Webley Chair of the West Midlands Police Authority said: "The Authority's decision is to support the reframed timeline and release funds to support the next phase of the programme."