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Peter Bone: 'Claims against me have been a nightmare'

"Your house can be raided by police and you know you've done nothing wrong and nothing happens for a year," Conservative MP Peter Bone told ITV News Political Correspondent Libby Wiener after it was announced that will not face charges over fraud claims.

"In a way it's alright for me as an MP I'm used to having people say nasty things about me but it's very unfair on my wife and children," he added.

A spokesman for Northamptonshire Police said: "We received a complaint about a suspected fraud and had a duty to investigate those claims. By their very nature, fraud investigations are complicated and can take a long time to complete.

"Following our investigations, we submitted a file for consideration to the Crown Prosecution Service and we have now been informed of their decision."

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MP Peter Bone: We have suffered trial by media

Conservative MP Peter Bone said he and his wife have suffered "trial by media" after the Crown Prosecution Service announced that the couple will not face any charges over fraud allegations.

Mr Bone said in a statement: "What has been so frustrating about this whole episode is that it has been going on for over a year, without an opportunity for us to clear our names. Recently, we have suffered trial by media."

File photo of Peter Bone Credit: ITV News

"One newspaper in particular has printed information that is incorrect and made allegations that are totally untrue," he went on. "It seems that certain newspapers feel able to print information that is without foundation, despite being told in advance that that information is factually incorrect."

"As we have done nothing wrong and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) only considered the evidence, not newspaper innuendo, we have been proven innocent," the 61-year-old added. "We are naturally delighted that this nightmare has now come to an end."


MP Peter Bone won't face charges over fraud claims

The Crown Prosecution Service said there was "insufficient evidence" against Mr Bone and his wife. Credit: ITV Daybreak

Conservative MP Peter Bone and his wife will not face any charges over fraud allegations, the Crown Prosecution Service has announced.

Northamptonshire police investigated the Wellingborough MP and his wife over claims that assets belonging to his mother-in-law were concealed so Northamptonshire County Council would fund her care home fees.

The CPS said "We have decided there is insufficient evidence to charge any criminal offence."

It explained: “The evidence showed: firstly that the woman’s mother considered the suspects' conduct to be acceptable; secondly that the suspects acted openly in declaring the sale of the mother’s house to the Council; thirdly that no element of dishonesty could be proved."

It added that there is an ongoing civil litigation case.

Worcester service held in tribute to Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela died on Thursday evening Credit: Chris Bacon/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Special prayers will be said for Nelson Mandela in Worcester Cathedral at 4pm today.

The Very Reverend Peter Atkinson, Dean of Worcester said "Nelson Mandela was one of the great figures of our time and the whole world is indebted to him".

The cathedral flag is being flown at half mast as mark of respect to the man who became South Africa's black president and who transitioned the country out of white rule.

The moment Jesse Jackson heard of Mandela's death

Civil rights leader Reverend Jesse Jackson said he was sad to announce the death of Nelson Mandela.

Rev Jackson was speaking at a dinner last night when he heard the news. He went on to pay tribute to the former South African president.

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Jerry Dammers: 'So much time was taken from Mandela'

Jerry Dammers, who wrote the anthem Free Nelson Mandela, has said that it should not be forgotten how much of the former President of South Africa's life was taken by the 27 years he spent in prison.

He said: "He actually died a very young man he had... 27 years in prison. A large part of his life was taken and we shouldn't forget that. He was a young man, he wasn't an old man."

He added that despite Mandela's poor health in recent years the news of his death yesterday still came as a shock.


Nelson Mandela an 'inspiration' - Mayor of Leicester

People in the East Midlands have been paying tribute to Nelson Mandela, who passed away last night at the age of 95.

The former South African President visited the Midlands in the 1990s after his release from prison.

A park in Leicester was dedicated to him in honour of his attempts to end apartheid. The city's Mayor, Peter Soulsby, said President Mandela has been an inspiration to those fighting discrimination.

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