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Potholes driving motorists potty

Councils in Nottinghamshire are being inundated with reports of potholes on roads in the county.

Around 90 calls are being made every day by motorists complaining of damage to the roads and in some cases, damage to their cars.

Nottinghamshire County Council has recorded tens of thousands of potholes since April 2012 - and expects the total figure to reach 32,443 by April 1st 2013.

Garage owner sees huge rise in cars damaged by potholes

Garage owner David Drew Credit: ITV News Central

Garage owner David Drew says he's seen a huge rise in the number of cars damaged by potholes.

David, who runs his garage in Nottingham, says they're having to repair suspension springs on at least two cars every day.

Nottinghamshire County Council expects the total figure of potholes to reach 32,443 by April 1st 2013.


Council records tens of thousands of potholes

A pothole in Nottingham Credit: ITV News Central

Nottinghamshire County Council has recorded tens of thousands of potholes since April 2012 - and expects the total figure to reach 32,443 by April 1st 2013.

In 2011-2012 Nottingham City Council spent £90,000 fixing around 2,500 potholes. So far this year it's only fixed 1,032 at a cost of £62,662.

Broken coil springs are caused by potholes Credit: ITV News Central

£1 million planned investment in repairing potholes in Nottingham

Cars pass by a pothole in need of repair Credit: PA

Nottinghamshire Council Council is planning to spend an extra £1 million on emergency road repairs across Nottinghamshire.

It will mean an additional 5000 potholes can be filled across the county.

36,000 pothole repairs are already made each year.

Click here or more information on potholes.

Report potholes says Worcestershire Council

Worcestershire County Council is asking the public to do its bit in treating potholes, by longing them on the Council's website.

After recent cold weather, the Council is increasing its pothole teams from 11 to 18. They say that the extra resources will result in an additional 200 potholes being fixed daily.

Potholes are caused when water freezes and expands. When rain, snow and freezing conditions cycle, potholes worsen.

The public is being asked to to log problematic potholes on the Council website.

Teams will be out finding and fixing potholes, but residents can also play a big part in supporting this work by getting in touch when they spot a pothole.

Doing so is now easier than ever thanks to the numerous ways of reporting and I'd like to encourage people to let us know.

– Cllr John Smith OBE, County Council Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport,


5 ways to keep safe around potholes

  • Know where the dangerous potholes are where you normally drive
  • Keep your distance from the car in front in case the driver spots a pothole too late
  • Stick to speed limit and drive slower than normal on smaller roads (potholes are more prevalent here)
  • Never swerve to avoid potholes, drive slowly over it
  • Report any dangerous potholes to the local authority

Rural watchdog: 'Councils could take longer to deal with potholes'

Local authorities are working under strict budget constraints and we believe that priorities may be rather different this year when it comes to dealing with pothole problems.

It would not come as a shock if local councils take much longer to deal with the issue, so we are urging motorists, especially those on unlit country roads, to stay vigilant and where possible report major potholes.

– CLA West Midlands director Caroline Bedell

Rural watchdog: 'Prepare for pothole problems'

Midlands councils are being warned to prepare for increased pothole repairs in their areas. Credit: PA

With heavy snowfall expected in the Midlands before Christmas, councils are being warned to prepare for pothole repairs in their local areas.

But due to budget cuts, rural watchdog The Country Land and Business Association (CLA) say they are concerned about the safety of road users and are warning drivers to take care on country roads.

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