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Prince Harry and South Pole team flying to South Africa

Prince Harry and the South Pole teams were due to fly from the South Pole to Novo airbase yesterday, December 17 , and then onto Cape Town by the end of the week.

Teams are returning to the UK on December 23, so any delay would have seen their return home before Christmas jeopardised.

Prince Harry in the Antarctic. Credit: ITV News

In a voice blog left with expedition HQ in London, co-founder of Walking With The Wounded and Team Noom mentor, Ed Parker, said:

"Now on a very blustery, very snowy day, with a blizzard coming, we are about to fly out to, well we are about to be dragged out on the back of a skidoo to our Aleutian aircraft.

"That Aleutian aircraft will be flying us back to Cape Town, where we have a few days of decompression before returning home to our loved ones."

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Prince Harry evacuated from South Pole ahead of extreme storms

Prince Harry and Team UK as they rest on day nine of the tre Credit: ictoria Nicholson/WWTW/PA

Prince Harry and his the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge team have had to be evacuated from the South Pole before a forecast major Antarctic storm swept in to hit airbase Nova, where they were staying, the Charity Walking With the Wounded said.


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Prince Harry prepares for a trek across the Antarctic

Prince Harry has been preparing for a trek across the Antarctic to the South Pole, listening to safety talks ahead of the hike.

The prince listens to the talk on safety. Credit: ITV News
Harry appears to be in good spirits. Credit: ITV News
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Prince Harry is 'a good pair of extra hands'

Prince Harry shared a tent with Captain Ibrar Ali, 36, who lost his right arm in a roadside bomb blast in 2007, and Major Kate Philp, who chose to have her left leg amputated after her Warrior armoured vehicle struck an IED (improvised explosive device) in Musa Qala in Helmand Province in 2008.

Maj Philp, from Worcestershire, said Harry was a "good extra pair of hands" during the training exercise.The 35-year-old Royal Artillery officer said having the prince with the team was "great".

He knows what he's doing. He's got his military training, and it's very, very easy, so he's a good extra pair of hands.

It's great having Harry along, and hopefully he appreciates it too.

It's a chance not just for him to experience all the practical stuff that we've just done as well, but for us to get together as a team and start to get to know each other better.

It seemed very easy from the beginning, but it's certainly even more comfortable the more time we spend together.


A sub-zero challenge for Prince Harry in Warwickshire

Prince Harry is at MIRA in Warwickshire today taking part in a training exercise with a team of wounded service personnel who will race similar teams from other countries to the South Pole in November.

The team are there to practice skiing and setting up camp in a chamber that simulates the extreme conditions of the South Pole.

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Harry spends 24 hours in cold chamber

Wrapped up warm, Prince Harry inside the cold chamber.

Prince Harry has been practising how to build and dismantle the tents he will use during his trip to the South Pole with Walking With The Wounded.

The team will race 335km to the South Pole in November.

The prince will practice making and breaking camp in the extreme conditions ahead of his South Pole expedition.

Prince Harry bows to the crowd in surprise air show visit

Prince Harry took part in an Apache helicopter display yesterday at RAF Cosford's annual air show in front of thousands of spectators – all who unaware he was set to perform.

In true air show tradition, Prince Harry bows to the crowd before heading back to the 662 Squadron Army Air Corps base, located at Wattisham in Suffolk.

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