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Poignant poppy is a reminder of Great War

What is thought to be the oldest surviving poppy from the battlefields of the First World War is being put up for auction in Dorset. The poppy was taken from the trenches of Arras in Northern France in May 1916 - by a 17-year-old British soldier called Private Cecil Roughton.

It is one of only a handful that survived the Great War. The auction will take place on December 6th. The interviewee is Amy Brennan from Duke's Auctioneers.

Even the trains wore poppies to honour war heroes

Passengers on Virgin Trains today were delighted to see the travel firm join the Armistice Day commemorations.

Trains travelling through the Midlands sported poppies on their front hoods and side doors, with the phrase: "We will remember them" emblazoned across the front.

This Virgin train has "We will remember them" printed on the front Credit: Andy Hooper

Virgin Trains worker Andy Hooper was working at Wolverhampton railway station today and took these snaps to show the company's special effort.

The sign on the side of the train Credit: Andy Hooper

Students mark Armistice Day in memorial garden

Students at a Birmingham school marked Armistice Day with a special ceremony in their dedicated Peace Garden.

The memorial garden was built by students in 2009 in honour of the Royal British Legion, and they won the best in show at the Malvern Show for their work.

Year 13 student Amber Tucker, and teacher and cadet leader Gavin Green, today told ITV News Central why the occasion is important to them.


Scouts join veterans for Remembrance service

Scouts, Cubs and Guides stood proudly alongside war veterans to display their standards at a Remembrance Sunday event in Breaston, Derbyshire.

Scouts, Cubs and Guides from Breaston stood to attention at yesterday's ceremony Credit: Erewash Branch Royal Air Forces Association

The youngsters stood to attention as Breaston man George Keeling lay a wreath on behalf of the Erewash branch of the Royal Air Forces Association.

Mr Keeling joined the RAF 70 years ago, in 1943, and was transferred to the Fleet Air Arm where he remained until the end of the Second World War.

RAF veteran George Keeling lay a wreath Credit: Erewash Branch Royal Air Forces Association

Leicester comes to a halt for two-minute silence

Veterans have gathered in Leicester city centre for the annual Armistice Day commemorations.

Dozens of shoppers stopped what they were doing to observe the two-minute silence in honour of war heroes past and present.

Shoppers in Leicester observe the two minute silence Credit: ITV News Central

Armistice Day marks the moment - the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month - that Armistice signed between the Allies of the First World War and Germany came into effect in 1918.

Veterans raise the flag Credit: ITV News Central
Veterans line up in Leicester for the Armistice Day service Credit: ITV News Central
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