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Remploy workers strike in Stoke-on-Trent

Remploy workers striking in Stok-on-Trent Credit: ITV Central
54 Remploy factories could close under plans to save money Credit: ITV Central

Hundreds of disabled workers who work for a government funded manufacturer are on strike today.

54 Remploy factories including those in Leicester, Worksop and Stoke-on-Trent could close under plans by Ministers to save money.

Overtime ban at Remploy

Remploy are to ban overtime at all their sites in the UK Credit: PA Pictures

Overtime is due to be banned at Remploy factories across the Midlands.

The government-run firm is to close three of its sites across the Midlands, it announced earlier this week.

In total, the government say, it has to close 27 of its sites across the country as part of necessary funding cuts and that money would be better used to support more disabled people in work.

Workers at Remploy's 54 factories are due to stage two 24-hour strikes in protest at the earlier announcement of closures.


Remploy workers to stage strikes

Workers at Remploy have announced they will stage two 24-hour strikes

Workers at Remploy are to stage two 24-hour strikes.

It is after the firm, based in Leicester, announced it is planning to close 36 of its 54 sites, because of government funding cuts.

The plans put at risk the jobs of more than 1,500 disabled workers.

A spokesperson for the Department of Work and Pensions said, "We're disappointed to hear that the unions are proposing to take strike action which will do nothing to secure the future jobs of Remploy staff.

"The Government would encourage the trade unions to fully engage with Remploy during the consultation process to provide the best possible support and success for disabled staff who may leave the company."


Disabled workers to strike

Disabled workers have voted to go on strike in protest at plans to close their factories.

Members of the Unite and GMB unions in more than 50 factories across the UK have backed a campaign of industrial action.

The unions said they will give Remploy seven days notice with immediate effect for a programme of strikes and other action.

Remploy Closures

Remploy factory Credit: ITV News

Remploy is proposing to close 36 of its 54 factories with potential compulsory redundancies of more than 1,700 disabled workers, it was announced today.

Remploy has factories in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester and Stoke-on-Trent.

Leicester and Stoke-on-Trent will be affected by the closures.

Minister for Disabled People Maria Miller said the Remploy board was proposing to close the sites by the end of the year.

She said the £320m budget for disability employment has been protected, adding that the money will be spent more effectively.

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