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Dive team to assist search for swimmer

An underwater dive team from Avon and Somerset Police is on its way from Bristol to Bridgnorth to help search for a swimmer who went missing last night.

They will concentrate on a 100-metre stretch close to where the man was last seen near the old rowing club along the River Severn.

Experts say the water is 15 feet deep in places with strong currents.

"Police officers resumed the search at first light today and a police dive team from Avon and Somerset is travelling to Bridgnorth to assist.”

– Inspector Mark Reilly, West Mercia Police

Police have previously warned of the dangers of swimming in rivers, quarry pools and lakes during the hot weather.

“We would again urge people not to be tempted. Such waters may appear inviting but can be extremely dangerous, often with strong currents or hidden obstacles”.

– Inspector Mark Reilly, West Mercia Police


Flood barrier deployed on River Severn

The Environment Agency has predicted a significant rise in water levels coming down the River Severn in the next 48 hours.

It is therefore swiftly making preparations for the flood barriers to be deployed at 9pm tonight.

Police cones will be deployed on the Wharfage as soon as possible to enable the bungs to be put in the gulleys.

The Wharfage will be closed to traffic from 8pm.

The flood defence scheme in Upton upon Severn cost £4.5 million Credit: ITV Central
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