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Toddlers parents 'feel like luckiest in world' after fall

The parents of a toddler who fell from a first floor window say they 'feel like the luckiest in the world', after their daughter survived and returned home.

Lilly Taylor fell from her bedroom window last Thursday, but returned home after just five days in hospital - which involved having emergency brain surgery.

Stephanie Morton and Craig Taylor said they thought she would have to stay in hospital for months.

Baby hurt in horrific fall arrives home after brain surgery

A 16-month-old baby girl has arrived home from hospital after an horrific fall from a window at her home in Tipton.

Lilly Taylor Credit: BPM Media

Lilly Taylor plummeted to the ground from the upstairs of the house after being put to bed for a nap last Thursday.

She smashed her head on concrete and bricks in the garden, fracturing her skull and knocking herself unconscious.

She needed 60 stitches in her head and had to have emergency brain surgery.

Lilly needed to have emergency brain surgery. Credit: BPM Media


Council forces government to explain why school modernisation programme axed

Sandwell Council has won a landmark ruling ordering the government to explain why it axed the Building Schools for the Future programme.

It comes more than a year after the council made a Freedom of Information request to find out why Sandwell's £125m fund to rebuild nine schools was scrapped.

The government has 28days to appeal the decision.

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Birmingham council admits 'long-standing problem'

A spokesman for Birmingham City Council, which was singled out for criticism in Ofsted's report on child protection, has acknowledged that there is a long-standing problem:

We are already on record as saying that we have failed to meet the basic expectation of keeping vulnerable children in this city safe.

This is a long-standing problem which we acknowledge and the leader has said that improving children's services is his number one priority.

While we can only agree with the seriousness of what Sir Michael [Wilshaw] has said with regard to children's services - indeed we have said it ourselves - we now need improvement rather than further diagnosis lacking any offer of solutions.

– birmingham city council spokesman


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Failing Birmingham council 'should be split'

The Chief Inspector at Ofsted has highlighted Birmingham as one of the worst councils for child protection.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said: "We've allowed failure to go and on and on in Birmingham for far too long.

"The stats are there to see, it points to endemic failure. This isn't good enough and children are at risk, now is the time for central government to do something about it and see if local government is working. If it's not working then I'm calling on central government to break Birmingham up."

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