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Tackling homophobic bullying improvement in schools

Schools in Nottinghamshire are the most improved in the country for preventing homophobic bullyinh Credit: PA

Nottinghamshire County Council has been named as the most improved local authority in Britain for tackling homophobic bullying and celebrating difference in their schools.

That's according to a report by an equality charity today. Lincolnshire County Council was named the tenth best local authority.


NUT member apologises to parents but blames MP

A member of the NUT in Birmingham has apologised to parents for today's strike, which meant many children could not go into school.

But Kevin Courtney also said it was necessary for parents to see that the Government has caused teachers to have to go on strike.

The Government says it's surprised the strike took place, as talks are underway with unions.

  1. Peter Bearne

NUT member says changes to education a big reason for strike

A Nottingham NUT member has explained the reasons for today's teacher strike to ITV News Central's Education Correspondent, Peter Bearne.

Susi Artis says changes to the structure of education in the country is a main reason behind the strike, as well as pay and pensions. She spoke during the NUT march in Nottingham earlier today.


  1. National

Poll: 51% oppose teachers' walkout

Half of the British public oppose teachers going on strike today, according to an ITV News Index poll carried out by ComRes.

A young boy in Liverpool's Mann Island holds aloft a flag in support for the strike. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

When asked whether teachers were right or wrong to go on strike, 51% said they opposed the walkout, 35% supported the strike and 14% did not know.

The poll also showed that those working in the public sector are more likely to support the strike (45%) than oppose it (41%).

Some 2,039 people were asked by ComRes about the strike.

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