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Thousands of homes in Birmingham without water

Thousands of people across Birmingham are this afternoon without water after a "large water main" burst.

Almost 8,000 homes in Great Barr, Northfield, Selly Oak, Bartley Green and Woodgate are among those who have no water or low pressure.

Some of the areas currently affected by the mains burst Credit: Severn Trent Water/Google Maps

A spokesperson for Severn Trent Water said engineers were now on site and trying to find a solution.

He added:

We’re really sorry and hope this isn't causing too much trouble.

We are doing all we can to restore supplies as quickly as possible.

Our incident team have identified some options to restore some supplies and are putting these plans into action.

Rare albino squirrel sighting sparks excitement

A ranger has told of staff's excitement after a rare albino squirrel set up home at a Warwickshire waterway.

The ghost-white squirrel has been spotted at Draycote Water, near Rugby, in recent weeks - and the ranger has finally managed to capture it on camera.

We’ve been all of a flutter since the ghostly white squirrel was spotted at Draycote Water.

Visitors were reporting sightings of the albino rodent, but as with spectres it was proving difficult to capture on camera.

Because of its white colouring it does standout against the autumnal colours here, but it moves so fast, photographing it was very difficult

Just before Halloween, we can’t believe that this rare rodent has made Draycote Water its new haunt.

We hope that it will stay around for the half term holidays so that all of the local children can have a chance to see it.

– Thomas Crawford, ranger for Severn Trent Water


Rare 'ghost' squirrel arrives in Warwickshire

A rare 'ghost' squirrel has made a Warwickshire waterway its new haunt.

Visitors to Draycote Water, near Rugby, have spotted flashes of white as the creature settles in to its new home less than two weeks before Halloween.

Until now, however, it has avoided being caught on camera.

This albino squirrel has set up home at Draycote Water near Rugby Credit: Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water ranger Thomas Crawford finally managed to snap the squirrel as it hunted for food.

The albino grey squirrel is one of just 50 thought to be alive in the UK.

The squirrel hunts for food Credit: Severn Trent Water

Calls double to water company following Midlands flash floods

The flooding outside a pub in Nottinghamshire pub last month Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire

Calls to a water company have doubled following the flash flooding across the region in recent weeks.

Bosses at Severn Trent Water said 70 per cent of the calls being made were for things the firm is not responsible for, like streams overflowing or drains being blocked.

Recent flash floods left cars floating Credit: Lewis Stickley/PA Wire


Burst water main: Residents upset over response time, full report

Residents have a criticised a water company for the amount of time they took to respond to a water main, which burst and damaged dozens of homes.

Many have been forced to move out because the ground floors of their homes are flooded.

People in Queniborough in Leicestershire told ITV News that Severn Trent Water were slow to respond and they believe that made the situation worse. Rajiv Popat reports.

Shares in Severn Trent rise sharply over 'takeover news'

The Coventry-based water company supplies more than four million households across the Midlands

Shares in Severn Trent Water have risen sharpy at the news it could be taken over by an overseas consortium.

The Coventry-based water company supplies more than four million households across the Midlands. If the takeover goes ahead it will be fourth UK water company to fall into foriegn hands.

British water companies are targetted because of the monopoly on customers and relatively stable returns.

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