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Lincolnshire business leaders call for council action to extend Skegness holiday season

Two business leaders in Lincolnshire are backing calls for councils to do more to extend the tourism season on the East Coast.

More needs to be done for tourism say business leaders Credit: ITV News

John Chappell the General Manager of Skegness Water Leisure Park and Chris Baron the Resort Director of Butlins have both spoken out as an online petition to extend the caravan season continues to gain support.

More than 700 people have now signed it and are calling for caravan sites to be allowed to open more between the months of October and March.

Planning decisions are ultimately made by the local authority, and the Environment Agency’s role is to provide them with expert guidance regarding flood risk. The Environment Agency has worked with the council to develop a position that balances flood risk with the needs of the tourist economy on the east coast. Caravans are particularly vulnerable to deep or fast flowing flood water which would be expected if coastal defences were overwhelmed. Therefore the agreed position restricts occupancy of caravans during the winter months, when evidence and history shows the factors that lead to coastal flooding are more likely to occur.

– Environment Agency
More than 700 people have now signed it and are calling for caravan sites to be allowed to open more between the months of October and March. Credit: ITV News

I'm very keen that we grow the coastal economy of Lincolnshire, it is a massive contributor - over £520 million a year - to the wider economy so we set a target to double that contribution to a billion pounds a year....but we have to be cautious about how we do that bearing in mind the huge challenges we face with climate change and coastal flooding. We all remember what happened in 1953 when people died on the coast in terrible storms and we have to recognise that climate change is having an impact on our weather all over the country. Caravans themselves are not firm like hotels are...having watched the footage from Scotland over the weekend of caravans floating down rivers, I would not want to see that happen on our coast. There is a way forward I'm sure, we should work together to deliver it.

– Cllr Colin Davie, Executive councillor for economy and environment - Lincolnshire County Council

Report: New York baby born eleven weeks early turns one

This time last year a couple from near Skegness in Lincolnshire were stranded in New York facing huge medical bills after their son Dax was born almost three months early.

Kate Amos and Lee Johnston's New Year break turned into a New Year emergency when Kate went into labour while they were sightseeing in Central Park. Now they're celebrating Dax's first birthday and remembering the drama of last year.

ITV News Central's Melissa Wright reports.


EMAS: child injured under train was 'frightened and wanted to get off'

A six-year-old boy suffered serious abdominal injuries after he tried to get off the ghost train ride at Botton Brothers Pleasure Beach in Skegness because he was scared.

Steve Pratten, community response manager at East Midlands Ambulance Service, said: "The boy had initially become trapped under the car of the train.

"Apparently he'd got frightened and wanted to get off the ride.

"He suffered abdominal injuries as a result of the ride going over him. He was transferred to the Queens Medical Centre in a stable condition.

"Paramedics on the air ambulance said that he was a really lovely boy - very polite throughout.

"He was in a lot of pain and was very upset and frightened as well but they said he was very brave."

Lincolnshire grandmother jailed for stealing £122,000

A 78-year-old grandmother who spent £122,000 on penny arcades after stealing the cash from her employers to feed her gambling addiction has been jailed for nine months.

Yvonne Herring took the money from the seaside caravan park where she had worked for 20 years after becoming addicted to playing the traditional amusements.

Herring, who now faces losing her home to pay back the debt, turned to crime after playing the machines in the Lincolnshire resort of Skegness every day.

Credit: Media Lincs

Lincoln Crown Court heard Herring was of "unblemished character" and was described by a work colleague as a person "as sharp and switched on as anyone I've ever met."

But after staying out of any form of trouble for seven decades at the age of 70 the pensioner suddenly began stealing to feed her gambling addiction.

Herring had worked for the same family run caravan site in Ingoldmells, near Skegness, since the age of 52 and was responsible for getting rents from tenants and giving them receipts.

But the court was told Herring diverted some of the cash to herself, issued false receipts and destroyed company documents to cover her tracks.

Herring denied the theft which occurred over a three year period when it was discovered during a investigation - meaning the caravan site had to spend £30,000 on checking its financial records.

Despite the huge loss, the company asked the sentencing judge not to jail her.

Herring, of Sunningdale Drive, Skegness, admitted the theft of £122,000 from Arnold Laver and Co in Roman Bank, Ingoldmells, between 2007 and 2010.

Passing sentence Judge John Pini QC told Herring that she could not avoid prison despite a plea from her former employers that they did not want her jailed.

Police search for missing woman last seen in Skegness

Danielle McBean Credit: Lincolnshire Police

Police are looking for a missing woman who was last seen in Skegness.

Danielle McBean - who is from Enderby - was on Park Lane in Skegness at around 4:30pm on May 9. She was reported missing by a friend on May 15.

She is white, 4'9" tall, medium build, with straight shoulder length dark brown hair and green eyes. She has a tattoo of two names on the back of her neck and a patterned tattoo on her right forearm leading down to her hand.

Anyone who has seen Danielle should contact Leicestershire Police on 101.

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