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Snake found at the Moseley Folk Festival

A wandering snake nearly led to a festival attended by thousands being cancelled after it was found in Moseley Park.

An expert was called but it was found the milk snake was not poisonous and the Moseley Folk Festival was able to go ahead.

ITV Central's Wesley Smith went to meet the snake at its current home at Weird 'N' Wonderful pet store in Birmingham.


Snake found at Moseley Folk Festival

A snake that was found at a Birmingham festival is looking for a new home.

The milk snake was spotted among a crowd of 5,000 attending the Moseley Folk Festival. There were fears it was poisonous and the park would have to be evacuated.

Milk snake found at Moseley Folk Festival Credit: ITV Central

Police called in an expert from a nearby reptile shop who confirmed it did not pose a risk.

The snake is being cared for at Weird 'N' Wonderful in Birmingham, who say although it is three foot long now, it will eventually grow to double that size.

50 snakes stolen from Nottingham pet shop

Python similar to the ones stolen in Sherwood Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Fifty pet snakes have been stolen from a Nottinghamshire pet shop.

It happened overnight on Friday at Sherwood Pets, on Mansfield Road.

The reptiles vary in length, between half a metre and a metre-and-a-half, and are in a range of colours and patterns. They are not considered dangerous.

Snake-handler bitten by Cobra

A snake-handler from West Midlands Safari Park has been air lifted to hospital after he was bitten by a King Cobra.

The man, who is in his 50s, was bitten on his leg on Sunday afternoon.

Snake Venom can be lethal if it enters the bloodstream, however, medics on scene said the man was in a stable condition and was flown to hospital as a precaution.