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Southwell residents commemorate flood anniversary

Cars were left floating in a pub car park after the floods Credit: PA

The community of Southwell will come together later for a 'Flood Fest' to commemorate last year's flood which affected almost 100 homes.

There will be sport, a BBQ, music and the first annual Southwell Tug o' War Championship.

The local residents will also tae part in the mass singing of a song for Southwell - "The Rain Came Down." The song tells the story of the increasing severity of the storm and what happened.

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Protection group given training following Southwell's flash floods

Cars left floating in a pub car park after the floods Credit: PA Wire

Members of the Southwell Flood Forum have received training in road closures in advance of any potential flooding this winter.

The town was badly affected last Summer after four inches of rain fell in just an hour, leaving more than 200 homes damaged.

Volunteers will now be able to put up warning signs and close roads if similar conditions occur again, once consent has been given from local authorities.

Computer model to help stop freak flash flooding

Cars and homes in Southwell were left covered in mud after flash flooding in July 2013 Credit: ITV News Central

People in Southwell in Nottinghamshire will get their first view of a flood model designed to help protect the town after freak flash floods last summer.

A month's rain fell during the flash flooding when 56mm was recorded across Nottingham in 3 hours.

The computer-generated model will be shown at a public meeting tonight. It's hoped it will help protect homes and businesses in the future.

River drainage to be improved in Nottinghamshire

Flooding in Southwell last summer Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

The Watercourse Management Team will today ensure all streams and rivers in Southwell drain surface water properly.

They will be enlisting the help of locals to make sure water is drained away from the town and into the river Greet by clearing and digging drainage ditches.

The town was devastated by floods last summer with residents not being able to return home for months.

Their "Green Gym" project will also support residents to help keep the town flood resilient.

Southwell flooding residents not at home for Christmas

Flooding in Southwell this summer forced many people from their homes Credit: Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Some people who live in Southwell in Nottinghamshire will not be able to return to their homes in time for Christmas after the damage caused by flooding this summer.

Some residents are still living in temporary accommodation as their homes are being repaired. Rob and Trish Jordan who were affected by the flooding say they do not think they will be able to go home until next July.


Volunteers to meet again to clear up flood-hit town

Volunteers in Southwell are meeting up again to clear up parts of the town which are still littered with debris from freak flash flooding this summer.

Some residents are still unable to move back in to their homes after the deluge in July.

A volunteer helping to clear debris blocking a stream Credit: ITV News Central

The Southwell Flooding Forum have been working to unblock Potwell Dyke in Nottinghamshire since the flash floods.

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Volunteers clear six woodpiles' worth of debris

Volunteers helping clear a stream after flash flooding four months ago have collected enough driftwood to make six large woodpiles.

One such woodpile has been built up today after an activity morning where volunteers collected litter and cleared away fallen branches which were blocking the stream.

Six woodpiles like this have been built up from driftwood cleared from Potwell Dyke Credit: ITV News Central

The Southwell Flooding Forum began working at Potwell Dyke in Nottinghamshire after it broke its banks and flooded homes in July.

Debris still scattered along stream months after floods

Four months after flash flooding hit hundreds of homes in Nottinghamshire, debris is still scattered along a stream which burst its banks.

Residents have teamed up to create the Southwell Flooding Forum after Potwell Dyke in Southwell swelled to up to 30 feet in some places in July.

Debris is still in place along Potwell Dyke four months after floods Credit: ITV News Central

They have gathered at the dyke today to help clear rubbish and driftwood out of the stream, in a bid to help prevent future problems.

And pictures show how what a difference their efforts have made already, with the stream now flowing steadily and the banks clear of litter.

What a difference a spring clean makes: the Dyke after the Southwell Flooding Forum cleared rubbish Credit: ITV News Central

Volunteers clear stream as flood clean-up continues

Volunteers are today clearing driftwood and rubbish from a Nottinghamshire stream to help reduce the risk of flooding in the town in future.

Four inches of rain fell in an hour during downpours in Southwell in July, causing Potwell Dyke burst its banks as waters reached depths of 30 feet. Many homes were flooded.

Volunteers clear rubbish from the stream to help prevent further flooding Credit: ITV News Central

Four months on, the dyke is still full of debris dragged downstream by the deluge.

This morning, members of a newly formed group Southwell Flood Forum have been removing driftwood and rubbish from the water.

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