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Council pledges to investigate cause of toxic gas at school

The school has been forced to close Credit: ITV News Central

Staffordshire County Council has released a statement regarding the revelation that a toxic gas called Formaldehyde was behind a mysterious smell which caused sickness among pupils at Flash Ley Community Primary School and forced the school to close.

Staffordshire County Council is working with teachers and parents to ensure children’s education will continue despite the closure of Flash Ley Primary School.

Flash Ley was closed on Friday 2 October due to a strong odour permeating parts of the school. Subsequent testing has revealed high levels of formaldehyde, a common substance that is used extensively in buildings, internal furnishings and household products.

The school will remain closed until all issues have been addressed. In the meantime, alternative arrangements to educate children at the nearby Chetwynd Centre, Tillington Manor and Stafford Manor High have been put in place.

Letters have now been sent to the parents of all children present at school to inform them they may potentially have been exposed to formaldehyde in the air, although there is unlikely to be any long lasting health problems.

A meeting for parents will also be held in the near future. A dedicated helpline has been also been set up on 0300 111 8050 for parents who have any further questions, or are unable to attend the meeting.

The county council is working closely with Public Health England and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to investigate the cause of the incident, which is believed to be linked to work carried out on floors during the summer.

– Staffordshire County Council


Advance warning to motorists over wide load

Police in Staffordshire are warning motorists of a wide load traveling tomorrow.

It is due to leave Stafford at 9:30am and will continue its journey through Stone, Trentham and Newcastle-under-Lyme.

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