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Man fined for attacking three paramedics

A man has been fined for attacking paramedics Credit: West Midlands Ambulance Service

A man has been fined and ordered to pay compensation after assaulting three paramedics.

Joshua Mason, 21, from Stafford, was sentenced on March 4th to a fine of £185, ordered to pay £200 in compensation and £100 in costs after pleading guilty to three counts of assault by beating.

It happened when West Midlands Ambulance Service was called to the junction of Wildwood Drive and Chepstow Drive on July 26th last year.

All three members of staff were initially treated on scene, though one did receive follow-up hospital care the following day.

“I am pleased to see that both the ambulance service and police have taken such a strong stance regarding this matter.

“It is extremely disappointing to suffer physical abuse when we are trying to help members of the public with medical emergencies."

– Emergency Care Assistant Christopher Shirley

“The Trust welcomes the sentence that has been passed on this occasion, it is completely unacceptable that ambulance staff, who are responding to help people who have serious medical conditions or injuries, should have to face violence and verbal abuse.

“The Trust has a zero tolerance policy in place and works extremely hard to bring the full weight of the law to bear on anyone who attacks our staff.

"It is simply not acceptable that staff who are there to help people, suffer at the hands of patients, their relatives or other people at the scene. Any type of assault against our staff will not be tolerated.”

– Steve Elliker, West Midlands Ambulance Service’s Head of Security and Safety

“I will not tolerate any attack or abuse on staff and we will always pursue attackers and push for the toughest possible sentence."

– Trust Chief Executive, Anthony Marsh

Report: Stafford Hospital protestors leave camp

Protestors at Stafford Hospital spent the morning dismantling their camp Credit: Wesley Smith / ITV News Central

After 198 nights, protestors at Stafford Hospital have spent the day dismantling their camp and packing up.

They have been campaigning about the restructuring of services which will see emergency surgery moved to Stoke-on-Trent, but they vow to fight on. Wesley Smith reports.

  1. Wesley Smith

Protestors at Stafford Hospital packing up camp

People protesting over the protection of services at Stafford Hospital are packing up camp Credit: Wesley Smith / ITV News Central

The protesters at Stafford Hospital are packing up camp, but say their campaign is far from over.

The camp is being dismantled after some fell in the cold weather Credit: Wesley Smith / ITV News Central

A new shop is opening in the town centre and one member is standing for parliament.

Some have been on site in all weathers for more than 200 nights.

Campaigners say the fight goes on to protect services at the hospital Credit: Wesley Smith / ITV News Central


Hospital protest camp dismantled due to illness

A protest camp in the grounds of Stafford Hospital is being abandoned today, as some of the protesters have become ill.

The protest camp will be dismantled today almost 200 days after it was set up Credit: ITV News

The Save Stafford Hospital campaigners have been protesting about emergency surgery being moved to Stoke-on-Trent. NHS officials deny anyone will be at risk but the protestors disagree.

After a bitterly cold winter weather some in the protest camp have developed chest infections, flu and even pneumonia. The camp will be dismantled this morning, almost 200 days after it was set up.

The Save Stafford Hospital campaigners say they will carry on with their fight from a town centre office.

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Protests over cuts to Staffordshire Youth Services

Protests have been held over tomorrow's closure of all council run youth centres in Staffordshire.

Campaigners made one last attempt to gain support in Stafford earlier to save the 38 centres. The County Council made the decision in March to save £2.7 million a year. 400 youth workers are losing their jobs.

Councillors say funding is available for other community projects. But those who used the centres say they'll be a massive loss.

Jack Taylor is a campaigner.

  1. Keith Wilkinson

Stafford Hospital campaigners' camp five months on

It's five months today since a protest camp was set up in the grounds of Stafford Hospital. The protesters are still there - despite the arrival of winter weather.

Campaigners say plans to move some services out of Stafford to other hospitals will put patients lives at risk. They say hospitals are already struggling to cope, and planned changes will make things even worse. Keith Wilkinson reports.

Elderly couple rescued from smoke-filled house

An elderly couple have been rescued from their smoke-filled house by firefighters and paramedics in Stafford.

Emergency services were called to a house fire in Park Crescent in Stafford at 7.50 am.

Both had suffered smoke inhalation but were conscious and breathing. The couple were taken to County Hospital for further assessment and treatment.

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