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Campaign underway to warn children about dangers of sexting

Almost half of Staffordshire's children have become victims of sexting - that's sending or receiving explicit messages or photos by text. It's a crime - but many children may not realise it.

A campaign has started to warn them and their parents about sexting. It could see a child put on the sex offenders' register - or place them in the path of paedophiles. Mark Gough reports.


Weekend Picks: Farmers Market

Stone Farmers Market: Sat 6th Feb (Market Square, Stone, Staffordshire)

Stone Farmers' Market has grown in popularity since it began over a decade ago Credit: Fredrik von Erichsen/DPA/Press Association Images

Stone’s monthly farmers market is being held this weekend from 9am till 1pm. The market offers a variety of locally sourced and grown produce within a 30 mile radius.

Some of the organically produced food on sale at the market include bread, wine, jam and preserves and fresh meat.

The Stone Farmers' Market has grown in popularity ever since it began eleven years ago as part of the Stone food and drink festival. Today it’s regarded as Staffordshire's biggest and best Farmers' Market.

For prices, opening times and more information visit:

  1. Tyne Tees

Rathband case judge: "It could have been anyone"

(l) Raoul Moat and (r) David Rathband

The judge in the civil case brought against Northumbria Police summed up his decision saying that "but if it had not been him (Rathband) it would probably have been somebody else".

The family of Pc David Rathband lost their civil case against Northumbria Police, after attempting to sue them for negligence.

Rahtband was shot and blinded by gunman Raoul Moat in 2010.

He later took his own life.

Moat was a resourceful and determined criminal, well capable of carrying out his threat, who remained at large for some days after PC Rathband was shot.

Regardless of the issue of any warning to be vigilant, PC Rathband’s bleak assessment was probably right.

He was desperately unlucky to be the victim of Moat’s cruelty and hatred, but if it had not been him, it would probably have been somebody else."

– Mr Justice Males

What the judge had to say:

  • Superintendent Farrell (Silver Commander at the time) had only 3½ minutes in which to do anything which would have averted the shooting. In all probability that was simply not enough time.
  • Even if a warning had been broadcast within that short period, it would have left PC Rathband with very little time, measured (at most) in seconds rather than minutes, in which to decide that he needed to move away from the position in which his vehicle was parked.
  • Unless he moved off almost instantaneously, a warning would not have averted his shooting.
  • The Judge referenced Rathband's book saying: It is worth referring to the emotion which PC Rathband described (in his book) in contemplating the likelihood that, if it had not been him who was shot, it would have been one of his fellow officers:


  1. Tyne Tees

Rathband family ordered to pay court costs after losing case against Northumbria Police

The family of PC David Rathband have lost the case the civil court case they brought against Northumbria Police. They claimed that the force was negligent in not warning officers of gunman Raoul Moat's threat to kill officers. PC Rathband was shot by Moat in 2010 and later took his own life.

David Rathband's sister Debbie Essery at court on January 15th

The judge has ordered the family to pay court costs, and has ordered an interim payment of £100,000.

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