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Ominous sign? Police warn of theft threat after horse's tail cut off

Cutting off a tail is often seen as a mark that a horse is about to be stolen. Credit: PA

A horse owner has reported one of their horses having their tail cut off and their mane cut yesterday in broad daylight.

The horse was in a field just off the A41 at Meretown on the Staffordshire/Shropshire border.

Police say that this sort of incident is often seen as a mark that horses are about to be stolen and they are warning horse owners to be on their guard and to make sure their horses are kept as securely as possible.


Two men arrested after laser shone at police helicopter

A police helicopter was targeted by a laser Credit: PA

Two men have arrested on suspicion of endangering an aircraft in Staffordshire.

A police helicopter was targeted by a laser as it searched an area over Northwood in Stoke-on-Trent just before 9 o' clock last night.

The helicopter directed Community Support Officers who were nearby, and the men in their 20s were arrested within 15 minutes. A laser has been recovered.

Police helicopter targeted by laser in Staffordshire: Two men arrested.

A police helicopter was helping a search over Northwood in Stoke when it had a laser shone at it shortly before nine this evening. Two men in their early 20s were arrested and are in custody.

Last February the National Police Air Service issued this statement on lasers:

"The increasing number of laser attacks on aircraft worldwide is a source of serious concern to the aviation industry. In an attack, a laser pointer is deliberately or recklessly shone at airborne aircraft, sometimes persistently over a period of minutes. The impact on a pilot is at the very least distracting, but can be serious enough to cause temporary 'flash' blindness and in some cases; lasting eye damage.

"The frequency of these attacks in the UK alone is increasing at a worrying rate with around 1800 laser strikes on aircraft last year officially reported to the Civil Aviation Authority. What may seem harmless fun to the culprit could potentially have devastating consequences for the crew and passengers in the aircraft as well as innocent members of public on the ground. In serious cases, using a laser pointer in this way can carry a prison sentence.

"The National Police Air Service is working with colleagues from across the UK aviation sector in order to manage this risk and to reduce the number of flight crews that become victims of these attacks. We are currently conducting a laser eyewear protection trial which we hope will better support us to protect our staff against this threat in future."

– Ollie Dismore, Director of Operations for the National Police Air Service
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Weekend Picks: Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show

Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show: Sat 15th - 16th Oct (Staffordshire County Showground, Stafford)

Credit: Joe Dick

The Carole Nash Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show takes place this weekend.

This year’s show will welcome former racers Dave Aldana, Don Emde, Mert Lawwill and Gene Romero who’ll be sharing their stories with showgoers.

There will be a dedicated Suzuki area at this year’s event where Barry Sheene’s 1976 and 1977 world championship-winning bikes will be on display for visitors to take a look at.

For times, prices and more information:

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