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Weekend picks: Scope Festival of Showjumping

Alexanders Horseboxes Scope Festival Supreme Championships 2015 is one of the most prestigious events in the Show jumping calendar.

The most prolific showjumpers from around the world will compete at the event at Staffordshire show ground this weekend.

Entry is free until 5.30pm.

Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum of Germany rides her horse Fibonacci in the first round of the Show Jumping Team Final Competition during the FEI European Championships Credit: Friso Gentsch/DPA/Press Association Images


Two motorcyclists involved in North Staffordshire crash

Two motorcyclists have been injured, with one suffering serious back and leg injuries following a crash in North Staffordshire.

Royal Stoke University Hospital. Credit: West Midlands Ambulance Service

The crash occurred on the A523, opposite Rudyard Lake.

It is believed that four motorcyclists had been travelling together when two of them where in a serious collision.

“One biker, a man believed to be 30 years old, was thrown from his machine around 20 feet from the road and was in collision with a stone gatepost and stone wall.

“The man had suffered serious back and serious leg injuries. He received emergency treatment at the scene from medics including pain relief and the use of trauma splints.

“Once the mans condition was stabilised, he was flown to Royal Stoke University Hospital for further emergency treatment. The man was wearing full motorcycle safety clothing which medics believe helped to prevent life threatening injuries.

– A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman

Police report peaceful night at V Festival

Festival goers on day one of the V Festival at Weston Park. Credit: Katja Ogrin/EMPICS Entertainment

Police have been reporting a peaceful night at the V Festival at Weston Park in Staffordshire.

Yesterday, there was a warning issued to festival goers about two very dangerous substances, one was a purple pill with a Louis Vuitton logo and the other an orange pill with a crown logo.

Following this warning however, Staffordshire Police say they “are pleased that some of the drugs we raised concerns about have been disposed of into the drugs bins on-site."

Officers are continuing to warn people to look after their property on site and to think about their safety and the safety of others when they leave.

They've already arrested a handful of motorists on suspicion of drink driving and are urging others to make alternative arrangements, if they think they are over the limit.

Medical staff treat 700 at V Festival in Staffordshire

Credit: Katja Ogrin/EMPICS Entertainment

Staff at the festival's medical centre have so far treated 611 patients who have arrived needing help, and ambulance crews have been called out 86 times (57 medical cases and 29 trauma cases).

22 people have been taken to hospital, they include people who have fallen over and have suspected lower leg fractures.

Many already had pre-existing medical conditions but crews have also seen a number of alcohol related cases.

There was lots of rain overnight which meant medical staff saw an increase in the number of injuries suffered from people falling over. The weather is looking a lot better at the moment and we hope this will continue for the rest of the festival.

– West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesperson

Emergency services issue top tips for festival goers

As many as 250,000 festival goers are expected to brave rainy forecasts at V Festival this weekend to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

Emergency Services have issued the following advice to help them stay safe and have fun in the mud!

West Midlands Ambulance have so far treated 132 people but the vast majority have been minor injuries, including trips or falls and a number of people being stung.

They have issued the following advise to festival goers:

The weather forecast is mixed for the rest of the weekend so we would ask people to be prepared. If you’re heading to the festival it’s really important that you don’t forget some waterproofs and some wellies as it is likely to become muddy and slippy underfoot if the bad weather arrives.

As always, we would advise festival goers to keep themselves hydrated by drinking lots of non-alcoholic drinks, and finally we always ask people to make sure they enjoy themselves and have fun!

– West Midlands Ambulance Service

Lost something important? Head to V Festival Police tent:

Staffordshire Police are advising people to keep their valuables safe by keeping them in their sleeping bag at night:


Delays on M54 as thousands travel to V Festival

Police are reminding drivers to consider a different route, if planning to travel on the M54 today.

This is due to increased traffic as a result of the V Festival at Weston Park in Staffordshire.

Read more: Delays expected in Staffordshire due to V Festival

V festival latest: two dangerous drugs found on site

Credit: Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police are warning festival goers about two very dangerous substances that they have found at Weston Park, after the first night of V Festival.

Police say they have an unusually high purity level.

One is a purple pill with a Louis Vuitton logo and the other an orange pill with crown logo.

West Midlands Ambulance say they have had a steady flow of people needing medical treatment for a variety of complaints.

132 people have been treated at their medical centre but only three patients have been taken to hospital, including one person with an ear injury and one with a suspected fractured ankle.

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