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Police clock driver speeding at 136mph on M6 Toll

The speed clocked by police overnight Credit: CPMG

Motorway police have caught a driver speeding at nearly twice the legal speed limit on the M6 Toll in Staffordshire.

The Central Motorway Policing Group tweeted a picture showing the driver clocking 136.90mph overnight.

They say it's the highest speed they had caught all night, and went on to say the driver's 'prize' would now be a court summons through the post.


32 people arrested so far at V Festival in Staffordshire

Armed officers can be seen patrolling the site Credit: ITV News Central

Police say 32 people have been arrested at V Festival in Staffordshire so far over the weekend.

Armed officers have been seen patrolling the site.

Thousands of music fans are attending the two day event at Weston Park.

The event is proceeding very smoothly and peacefully so far, which is great to see. In partnership with the event's security team there has been some outstanding work to prevent drugs getting into the festival and these arrests should serve as a message to others thinking about making the same mistake.

– Superintendent Martin Brereton, commander for the V Festival policing operation at Weston Park
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