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  1. Chris Halpin

Lost letter from WW1 Christmas Day truce uncovered

It's one of the most famous stories from the First World War and this Christmas marks 100 years since soldiers fighting in the trenches, put aside their weapons and their differences for a few short hours.

A long lost letter written by a soldier from Stafford who was in the trenches during the Christmas day truce was unveiled for the first time today.

This weekend football teams across the Midlands will pay their own tributes, with Stoke City holding a special press conference this afternoon. Chris Halpin reports.


Staffordshire gritters prepare for cold snap

43% of Staffordshire's roads will be gritted this evening Credit: PA

Staffordshire's gritting and snow plough crews are preparing for the cold snap by gritting 43% of the county's roads today.

The council claims this is more than any other in the West Midlands.

Temperatures are expected to fall later this week.

28,000 tonnes of salt have been stockpiled and shared between five winter depots - Stafford, Leek, Gailey, Lichfield and Hemmingslow.


Smethwick residents asked to keep doors and windows shut after fire

Residents in Smethwick have been asked to keep their doors and windows shut, after a severe fire in the area last night.

Primary school closed for the day after fire

The Fire Service has announced that a Smethwick primary school will be shut for the day after a huge industrial fire nearby.

Wattville Primary School, on Watville Road - which is currently closed - will not open as usual today.

The fire is believed to have started at 3am this morning at the Middlemore Industrial Estate.

Emergency services are still at the scene, and the police have closed roads in the area.

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