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The international scale of £9.5m heroin trafficking plot

Today two key players of an international drug smuggling operation were sentenced to more than 30 years behind bars. Tahir Mahmood from Stourbridge, and Anwar Bashir from Bradford, controlled a group of men to smuggle heroin to the value of £9.5m into the UK from Pakistan.

Using couriers or drug 'mules', the heroin was hidden on flights passing through the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Germany, Austria and finally the UK. Watch the video above to find out exactly how the gang planned to flood Britain's streets with heroin.

Jailed heroin gang could have brought 'violence' to Birmingham

The National Crime Agency have said an international drugs gang led by a man from Stourbridge could have brought 'misery, harm and violence' to Birmingham.

Tahir Mahmood was jailed today for a variety of offences into importation of significant quantities of heroin into Europe and the UK after previously pleading guilty.

We proved Mahmood and Bashir were linked to seizures totalling 46 kilos but I believe the network dismantled could have been responsible for many more importations – bringing misery, harm and violence to communities in Birmingham, Bradford and other cities.

“Tackling the supply of drugs on a global level and protecting our borders are priorities for the NCA and its partners. We targeted the couriers one by one and obtained the evidence that led to the downfall of these two men. They are now behind bars where they belong.”

– Paul Risby, NCA Branch Commander,


CCTV of international drug boss meeting drug mule

This is footage of Tahir Mahmood from Stourbridge meeting a courier at a UK airport who was wearing specially adapted clothing full of heroin.

Tahir Mahmood was the ringleader of the multi-million pound international heroin smuggling gang, he has been sentenced to 16 years in prison today.

His right-hand man, 43-year-old Anwar Bashir from Bradford, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison after being found guilty by a jury after a trial.

Leader of international drug smuggling gang jailed

Tahir Mahmood Credit: National Crime Agency

A man from Stourbridge who controlled a multi-million pound international heroin smuggling gang has been sentenced to 16 years in prison.

Tahir Mahmood was jailed for a variety of offences into importation of significant quantities of heroin into Europe and UK after previously pleading guilty.


Lawnmowers fitted with GPS to tackle shed burglary

Burglars beware - everyday tools are being fitted with specialised tracking systems to help police catch crooks who target garden sheds.

Lawnmowers, hedge trimmers and power cleaners are being fitted with the trackers by police in Dudley, as part of a 'capture shed' scheme to help reunite victims with their stolen goods.

Lawnmowers are being used to fight crime in Dudley Credit: Johnny Green/PA

The kit uses tiny CCTV cameras and satellite information to track the items which have been stolen, and can be fitted inside sheds, garages and other outbuildings.

The 'capture sheds' will be set up in areas where there have been a spate of burglaries reported in the past - as burglars often return to people they have targeted before, knowing they will have replaced their goods.

Officers will unveil the technology at en event at the Ryemarket in Stourbridge today.

False alarm after 'grenade-like' device found in Stourbridge

Police have said a device believed to be a grenade, which was found in Stourbridge, was a car part.

Experts were called out to Ludge Bridge Rook off Wollescote Road following the discovery, at around 10am on Sunday morning.

The area was closed off for several hours.

West Midlands Police have said the object was in fact a hydro-pneumatic suspension cylinder from a car.

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