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Tips for the elderly: keeping warm and well in winter

Every winter thousands of elderly people die as a result of the cold. And with rising energy bills pensioners are often forced to turn off their heating or go without a hot meal.

But this year those who can afford it are being encouraged to donate their Winter Fuel Payment, so it can be used to help those struggling to survive during Winter.

  • Dress in plenty of layer and make sure that you have some warm shoes or boots with non-slip soles.
  • Keep a mixture of salt and sand indoors to put on steps or paths in icy weather.
  • Use a hot-water bottle or an electric blanket (serviced every three years) to warm the bed - never use the two together as this can be very dangerous.
  • The recommended temperature for your main living room is around 21 degrees Celsius.
  • Eat healthily and stay as active as possible and keep basic food items in the cupboard or freezer in case it is too cold to go shopping.
  • Check with your energy supplier for further advice to help you prepare for winter.

For more tips on staying warm and well during winter see the Age UK website.