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Fraudsters con pensioners in Sutton Coldfield pretending to be policemen

Conmen posing as police officers called three pensioners in Sutton Coldfield telling them their cards had been used fraudulently and made off with thousands of pounds of cash.

Credit: Marius Becker / DPA/PA Images

The man who met these women has been described as black and smartly dressed.

In the first report, on 24 June, a 73-year-old woman was called by a man who said he was from Hammersmith police station.

He said that there had been fraudulent activity on her account and that the only way to make the money safe was to withdraw it from her account. She then met the bogus officer on her driveway and handed over £5,000.

In another similar call on 29 June, an 80-year-old woman was also contacted by a man saying he was an officer from the same police station.

He said her grandson had been arrested for using her bank card. The woman doesn’t have a grandson, but gave her PIN over the phone.

The conman then asked her to put her bank card in an envelope and hand it to another police officer who would collect her card. He asked her to use her mother’s maiden name as a code-word which she gave to the officer who came to collect the card. The card was used at a nearby cashpoint and £300 was taken.

In a third call, also on the same day, an 87-year-old man was contacted by a man claiming to be a police officer from London.

He was told that his nephew had being arrested due to him taking money from the pensioner’s account. He was asked to go to his local bank and withdraw £5000 and keep it at home.

The elderly man does not have a nephew and said he was going to call West Midlands Police. The fraudster swore at him and hung up. Fortunately no money was taken.

Police have launched an investigation and would like to remind people that this cruel scam involves people calling and pretending to be police officers reporting suspicious activity on their bank account.

Floods: Crews rescue people trapped in cars

Emergency services have been inundated with calls after torrential rain overnight.

Staffordshire and West Midlands Fire Services say they've received more than nine hundred 999 calls related to the flooding.

Emergency crews were deployed to help people trapped in cars in Sutton Coldfield.

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