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Schoolgirl spreads awareness on World Diabetes Day

Diabetes-sufferer Millie Hainge, 10, is urging her classmates and teachers at Milverton House School in Nuneaton to wear an elastic band around their wrists today to mark World Diabetes Day.

She will encourage them to 'ping' the band each time they eat or drink anything containing carbohydrates to experience what it is like to have to inject yourself with insulin.

There are two types of diabetes if left undetected, it can lead to health complications including a stroke, blindness, kidney failure to name a few.

The main symptoms are:

  • Feeling very thirsty
  • Going to the toilet a lot, especially at night.
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Weight loss and a loss of muscle bulk
  • Other symptoms include:Itchiness around the vagina or penis
  • Recurring thrush as a result of the excess glucose in your urine
  • Blurred vision caused by the lenses of your eyes becoming very dry
  • Cuts and sores taking longer to heal
  • Not everyone experiences these symptoms and they are not usually severe in all who experience them.
  • For more information click here for the NHS


Whooping Cough vaccination for expectant mothers - Keith Wilkinson report

Pregnant women are to be vaccinated against whooping cough, after the biggest outbreak of the illness for 20 years, claimed the lives of nine babies.

Figures from the Health Protection Agency show a dramatic rise in the number of whooping cough cases in the Midlands.

In 2008, the East Midlands had 48 cases, but since then its risen to 576. In the West Midlands there were 56 cases in 2008, rising to 318. Nationally the current number of whooping cough cases is 4,791.

Health officials say the vaccine will protect new borns from the highly contagious infection. We should warn you Keith Wilkinson's report starts with images of a child with whooping cough.

Whooping Cough vaccination for expectant mothers

There have been almost 900 cases of Whooping Cough across Midlands so far this year

Pregnant women across the Midlands will be offered whooping cough vaccinations from next week, following a rise in cases and deaths among young children.

There have been around 300 cases in the West Midlands so far this year, up from just 30 in 2011, and nearly 600 in the East Midlands, ten times more cases than the previous year.