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Education Secretary calls teachers' strike 'totally unnecessary'

Loughborough MP and Education secretary Nicky Morgan has told Good Morning Britain that she believes today's teachers' strike is "totally unnecessary".

Thousands of children and parents across the Midlands are set to be affected by the latest round of walk-outs.

Ms Morgan also backed Michael Gove as a candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, saying the next Prime Minister needed to be someone who supported leaving the European Union.

NUT acting leader Kevin Courtney said the strike action was being resorted to as school budgets were not keeping pace with rising costs.

Education Secretary quizzed over 'crisis' in teaching

All this week ITV News Central has been investigating the issue of teacher shortages in our schools and asking whether the teaching profession is in crisis.

It follows an exclusive survey which revealed more than 80% of teachers in the Midlands have considered quitting the job in the last two years.

All week we've been finding out if teaching really is in crisis Credit: ITV News Central

Some of the issues raised in the series include teachers not wanting to stay in the profession, the extensive working day for teachers meaning they have no life outside of the classroom, and the shortage of people coming in to the profession.

Today, Matt Teale quizzed the Education Secretary and Loughborough MP, Nicky Morgan about our findings, asking what the Government is doing to recruit more teachers as well as keeping the ones we've got.


Report: Are there enough new teachers coming through?

You've probably heard about the "baby boom" of the last few years, which has created a rise in the numbers of schoolchildren. But will there be enough teachers in the Midlands to teach them?

All this week, ITV News Central has been looking at the problem of teacher shortages in our schools. In last part of his series, our Education Correspondent Peter Bearne focuses on recruitment - and whether enough new teachers are coming through.

Report: Day in the life of a teacher

In our 'Teaching in Crisis?' series this week, we've heard from teachers in the Midlands who want to leave the profession - or have left already - because of long hours and endless paperwork.

An ITV News Central survey of teachers found more than 80 per cent have thought about quitting in the last two years.

Our Education Correspondent Peter Bearne has spent a day with one teacher to see just how heavy the workload is.

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