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Duck shot with crossbow, full report

The RSPCA is appealing for help in finding the person who shot a duck through the neck with a crossbow bolt.

The mallard that lives on the River Severn near Tewksbury in Gloucestershire is able to feed and fly as normal. RSPCA staff have so far been unable to catch it to remove the bolt. Ken Goodwin reports


Duck 'seems quite happy' despite crossbow in neck

RSPCA officers are trying to catch a duck which has been shot through the neck with a crossbow.

The owner of a local inn said she has seen the duck regularly, "she's been around a lot, coming out of the water for feeding, seems quite happy," Sam Snape said.

"As soon as anybody tries to catcher her or corner here she's off and she'll swim over to the other side of the river, hopefully she's not injured too badly," she added.

Footage of duck shot through the neck with crossbow

The RSPCA has appealed for help to catch whoever shot a duck through the neck with a crossbow bolt.

The duck, a female mallard, is able to fly and feed but has so far evaded all attempts to be caught so that the bow can be removed.

An RSPCA spokesman said it is an offence to shoot wildlife with a crossbow and has appealed for more information.

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West Country (E)

'Mansion' mum says she would "love to work"

A jobless mother of 11 in Gloucestershire who made headlines after it emerged she was getting a newly built 'mansion' provided by a council said she "would love to go out and work".

Heather Frost, 36, who has not worked for years, said she had intended to set up her own business but fell ill with cancer two years ago.

The grandmother-of-two, who first fell pregnant at 14, said she "understood" why other people who go out to work might be angry that her large family is supported by the taxpayer.

I'd love to go out and work.

I took a business plan two years ago, I think it was, to try and open my own shop and do my own business but I fell ill. I'd love to come off benefits and support my children myself but there is help out there to help families.

– Heather Frost
West Country (E)

Woman at centre of council 'mansion' row goes into hiding

A woman who has been offered a six bedroom house for her 11 children went into hiding today following a media storm, after it was revealed that Tewkesbury Council is building a new home for her family.

Heather Frost from Innsworth near Gloucester is quoted in the Sun newspaper saying she would demand an even bigger home if she doesn't like the one being built for her. But friends said today she never asked for a six bedroomed house; it was offered because her current accommodation is temporary.

Heather and her family currently live in two semi-detached houses knocked together to form one large house. Verna Green, Director of Communities for Tewkesbury Borough Council says that the new house, which is being built as part of a social housing development, represents good value.

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